You don't get this with a Kindle download!!

  canarieslover 08:37 30 Oct 2011

I bought a book in a second hand bookshop yesterday and started reading last night. Previous owner had probably read it on the plane back from Uganda as he had used a 1000 shilling note as a bookmark. Current worth about 24p so it wasn't a really expensive bookmark. I've found letters, train and theatre tickets, betting slips and all sorts of other convenient bookmarks over the years but this is the first time I have had a banknote. What valuable or just peculiar bookmarks have other users found over the years?

  morddwyd 08:48 30 Oct 2011

Not exactly a bookmark, but I bought a book in a library redundant books sale for 50p.

It was Doenitz;s memoirs (really boring and self indulgent!).

When I got it home I found it was a signed copy. Might not be worth much, but more than 50p.

  interzone55 11:44 30 Oct 2011

I once found a 1,000,000 reichsmark note in a book, worth very little as it was in poor condition, but probably worth more than the book.

My ex-wife used to work as a librarian and saw many odd bookmarks including STI test result cards, a birth certificate, and a raw bacon rasher...

  Forum Editor 17:28 30 Oct 2011

I can't equal the raw bacon rasher for wierdness, but I did have an unusual experience with a copy of 'Tale of two cities'once.

I bought a very nice leather-bound copy in a secondhand bookshop in Norfolk, and took it back to our rented holiday cottage for a good read. That evening I settled myself in an armchair for a good read, opened my book...and out fell a full colour, very explicit photograph of a naked young woman. On the back she had written 'To whoever finds this - see what you're missing, love Susan'.

If you're out there Susan, I would just like to say thanks.

  canarieslover 18:25 30 Oct 2011

FE That is sure going to be hard to beat!!

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