You Couldn't Make it Up

  morddwyd 20:31 01 May 2012

Ten schools had to close in Fife yesterday because the central computer failed to turn the central heating on.

It seems that the idiot who programmed the computer for the extra public holiday for the wedding last year forgot to tell it that it was for one year only!

It would be funny if it were not for the extra childcare expense loaded on to already struggling families.

  daz60 20:56 01 May 2012

I have to ask this...why is the heating controlled centrally.?? When the school opens by the caretaker i had imagined that should the heating be necessary he would switch on.

Been a long time since school but an extra layer of clothing was required in my day.

  Aitchbee 21:29 01 May 2012

If some 'plug in' electrical halogen heaters were available, then that would have saved the day. (10 X 10 = 100 heaters).

  wee eddie 23:51 01 May 2012

daz60: Don't be absurd ~ Such Executive Action would not be in the Caretaker's Job Description and, had he/she overridden the Heating Control, he/she would probably have been sacked or, at the very least, reprimanded!

  daz60 23:59 01 May 2012

wee seems that instead of giving the children a clip around the ear we should clip the Executives around the proverbial.Tongue in cheek or otherwise.

We have suffered the "workers of the world unite" now we have via the health and safety executive..'pedants of the world unite'.

  spuds 02:23 02 May 2012

Override a central heating system, could perhaps come under the title of using a little common sense. But I do believe common sense went out of the window a number of years ago, in favour of expensive decision makers?.

I did hear the other day though, that the likes of some government agencies, have and are now deciding, that the great old fashion outdoor activities should be re-introduced.

£thousands have been spent on banning some of these activities, now it would appear that £thousand's if not £million's more are going to be spent on re-introduction, and health and safety might need to take a back seat.

Conker's anyone?.

  Chegs ®™ 06:31 02 May 2012

I presume that a centralized control for several schools would also have a basic device called a switch to allow the most mentally challenged to over-ride the computer,so what if the pupils need wear a jacket for a little longer.When the heating broke down (weekly)when I attended school,we were informed that we might get a little colder so to take our coats with us to lessons.(or does the list of 50 things to do before your 11 contain advice that coats are for wimps?)

  morddwyd 09:03 02 May 2012

"we were informed that we might get a little colder"

If we so much as looked as it we might be cold it was run around the playground until we warmed up.

Once again I must say don't blame H&S for this. It was entirely a local authority decision. The H&S regs are robust enough to cope with situations like breakdowns and glitches.

There was a report last month that the HSE is itself to set up a panel to challenge these daft decisions.

Didn't get the same publicity as the daft decisions themselves, unfortunately.

  Bingalau 09:09 02 May 2012

Reminds me of the joke about the headmaster who, because it was exceptionally hot during the summer, asked the caretaker if he could perhaps pipe ice cold water through the central heating system. The caretaker said that it wasn't possible. So the head said "You managed to do it all through the winter, so why can't you do it now?"

  spuds 11:10 02 May 2012

Must have been a very old headmaster to have thought of that :O)

Making a remark like that nowadays, could well lead to a 'hearing'?.

  Condom 23:00 02 May 2012

I still remember the days when as a milk monitor I had to put all our one third pint bottles of milk along the top of classroom radiators to defreeze them in time for mid-morning break. That was of course pre Maggie who did away with my slave labour as she thought it was too much for me!!

I also remember helping the janitor shovel the coal into the boilers thinking I was Mr Pastry when in fact I was just slave labour!!

I really grieve for the world we are bringing our children up in.

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