You couldn't make it up.

  userious? 18:52 17 Jun 2011

I've just been watching our local news on TV and report came on about a farmer who has been cutting the grass on a village football field, free, with his own tractor, for the last three years, I dont know when but very recently he was jumped on by the custums and exise for using red diesel and fined £250.....

  wiz-king 18:58 17 Jun 2011

The law is quite clear - you cant use red diesel on the road - if he drove on the road to get to the footie field he broke the law.

  rdave13 19:03 17 Jun 2011


Is that true of agricultural vehicles? What if the Farmer had to cross a road to enter another field? Just a

  ams4127 19:38 17 Jun 2011

As you said "You couldn't make it up"


  Quickbeam 19:50 17 Jun 2011

I seem to recall, that a working radius of 50 miles of the vehicles base is allowed for agricultural use.

Red Diesel Exemptions

  Quickbeam 19:53 17 Jun 2011

No mileage limit according to that, has it changed? I was sure that there was a limit.

  sunnystaines 19:57 17 Jun 2011


he is allowed to use the rd top go from one field to another.

  Forum Editor 20:05 17 Jun 2011

The fact that this man was fined should give you the clue that he broke the law. The second fact - that he was cutting the grass on a football field - has nothing to do with it, but I don't suppose that will deter some people from trying to make a connection.

The inference that HMRC should have let him get away with it because he was doing someone a good turn doesn't make sense. If they proceeded on that basis they might be expected to show leniency to everyone who broke the law whilst doing something public-spirited. Perhaps they should let my neighbour smuggle in a few kilos of cocaine because he regularly does the shopping for the old lady who lives at the bottom of the lane.

Or have I missed something?

  woodchip 20:17 17 Jun 2011

He can use the Tractor on the road if its being used for Agricultural Proposes. cutting a Football field is not agricultural, even though he is not getting payed for it

That's why he was fined, not for driving or crossing the road

  woodchip 20:19 17 Jun 2011

Quickbeam working radius of 50 miles of the vehicles base is allowed for agricultural use.

yes that's right but it may have changed, but I doubt it

  woodchip 20:21 17 Jun 2011

Just a point, A farmer near me who I used to do work for in the Past used is Tractor to go to the Market and do is shopping every week at Penistone.

But that's Penistone and farmers tend to make the own rules up as they go along up hear

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