You couldn't make this up.

  Colin 13:09 06 Apr 2010

If this story is true
click here apart from being quite tragic, the potential for jokes is enormous.

  wiz-king 13:44 06 Apr 2010

I cant blame them for trying. The paperwork involved in reporting the death and getting it shipped to anywhere is horrendous. Much easier to report it at home and deal with all the paperwork in your own language.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:09 06 Apr 2010

I know that mocking personal tragedy is not done in polite circles but I nearly spat coffee all over my screens when I heard this.


  Kevscar1 14:18 06 Apr 2010

How could anyone make a joke about such a grave situation

  Colin 14:22 06 Apr 2010

Kevscar - it is indeed a grave situation! I wonder if EasyJet will refund the ticket cost?

  Big L 266 14:24 06 Apr 2010


I thought this story would've been 'buried' by the news of Gordon 'Bruiser' Brown popping over to H.M.Towers to dissolve Parliament with Her Majesty!

Big L 266

  ronalddonald 14:45 06 Apr 2010

I remember a time back in America when to guys took a dead man to claim his pension, they put the man in a wheel chair and took him along and said he was asleep, however they got caught when the pension people tried to wake him up.

  canarieslover 15:01 06 Apr 2010

I saw this story this morning and almost wet myself laughing. Having slapped myself for having such a perverted sense of humour I then considered posting it on the Forum but decided that perhaps not everyone would share my bad sense of humour. How wrong I was!!!!

  WhiteTruckMan 19:50 06 Apr 2010

as presumably they had already bought a ticket.

Evading excess baggage charges perhaps?


  sunnystaines 20:09 06 Apr 2010

the cost of travelling with a dead person the proper way by air runs into thousands of pounds this may have been the motive.

  Grey Goo 23:37 08 Apr 2010

Takes the "Royal Flying Corpse" a bit too literally.

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