You cheap lousy *BEEP*

  donki 13:00 18 Dec 2007

Anyone heard radio 1 has censored the Fairytale of New York? I won't say the word as I am sure you are all aware wot the word is, it seems nothing is same from the PC crowd. Think its a shame the way things are going but its only my opinion. I dont think the lyric was meant to cause offence and prehaps removing the word has only magnified it.

  Quickbeam 13:04 18 Dec 2007

It's been in the Christmas charts for decades.

It's the PC police in full charge... fire the grape shots!

  Quickbeam 13:07 18 Dec 2007

& give us back the innocent dog's name in The Dambusters... we're grown up enough to know what the original context of some words were ...

  Jak_1 13:28 18 Dec 2007

It was first censored by the bbc on Top of the Pops when it first came out. Kirsty McColl slapped her behind when to show just what word was meant to be used :)

  Seth Haniel 13:38 18 Dec 2007

Bing Crosby next


  Quickbeam 13:40 18 Dec 2007

It sounds like their objecting to a different word now...?

Whatever happens, I hope they never find out that The Flintstones regularly have a 'gay old time' :)

  octal 13:40 18 Dec 2007

Oh my, who are they actually trying to protect? If it's the kids then the PC brigade need to get out and visit any playground of all denominations and colours and creeds to realise they on a hiding to nothing.

  Koochy 13:49 18 Dec 2007

Personally i think the PC brigade are causing a lot of the friction between a lot of people by telling people as a nation what they can and can't say and choosing what we can or can't watch/listen to.
I think it is just a lot of nonsense from a bunch of people with nothing better to do with their time than look for something to complain about just to try and make themselves look important, these people need to get a life, As Quickbeam states this song has been in the charts for years and all of a sudden it has now come to light that it MAY offend someone, What about all the people it doesn't offend in a population of 60,776,238 (July 2007 est.) if it even offends 5 million people that still leaves 55,776,238 people that are not offended by it.
I do have further views on this matter (The PC Brigade) but i would not post them as i would hate to offend anybody.


  anskyber 13:58 18 Dec 2007

For those of you who are curious, I was, here are the lyrics. Do not use the link if you think you might be offended.

click here

  Koochy 14:03 18 Dec 2007

Maybe that should be bleeped out as well in case that offends anyone with a drug dependency?

  wee eddie 14:12 18 Dec 2007

There are, of course a number of things that one can say, or do, that are offencive and it does us little harm to be reminded now and again.

However, many of the items brought to our attention are not offencive and are highlighted only because the "Deliverer of the Warning" wishes to draw attention to themselves. In other words, as a method of self-aggrandisement, in the same manner as Holy Willie does in Robert Burns's epic poem Tam o' Shanter.

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