You are at a social function-What winds you up?

  jack 17:31 10 Jun 2009

This afternoon at a monthly social event- I got into conversation with some I had not spoken for a ....Month
Quite interesting stuff we had to impart to each other when...................
Two females ajacent started talking at the top of the shrill voices'
We moved to an quieter corner...When AAAH LES[ A large stout gent[to my companion] and cuts right across us and drags him away.....and I didn't see him for the rest of the meeting
Grrr Now I'll never know what he wanted to tell me or I guess He from me and as we are both getting on a bit may be never again -
I know you are thinking- 'Well he could send you[me] an E-mail'
Well indeed he could- except that, I /we got as far as his problem. He has installed a Kaspersky disk and it has b***ed up his connection. Will he phone or will I? ));-{

  Stuartli 17:49 10 Jun 2009

There's little or nothing I can contribute to the query...:-)

But if you do want to help, you've pretty well answered your own question.

  Forum Editor 18:35 10 Jun 2009

a) What the point of this is.

b) Why it's in Speakers Corner if it's connected with a software problem.

  Forum Editor 18:38 10 Jun 2009

and the thread title I think I can see that you're complaining about people at a social gathering interrupting your conversation.

Surely that's what happens at social gatherings isn't it?

  Picklefactory 18:48 10 Jun 2009

Not enough cheesy/pineapple sticks, or worse, none at all. Corny, cheap and old fashioned......... but I just love 'em.

  Kevscar1 18:55 10 Jun 2009

having to be at one

  Spark6 19:15 10 Jun 2009

to one of these so-called social events and being bored out of my mind finding no-one there of interest.

  laurie53 20:06 10 Jun 2009

Refusing a drink and being told, "Oh, go on. One won't hurt you".

How the hell do they know what one drink will do to me?

  jack 20:19 10 Jun 2009

Sat down with a cuppa ans calmed down a bit
before coming on here to let off steam.
Fe got really.
No not a computery question
but comment on the rudeness of inconsiderate folk at these events.
They are all of them seniors and shouild know better but there you are.
I shall ticke as 'Steam let off'
Sorry to have bored you all. Get back to computery and problem solving folks.

  Stuartli 22:41 10 Jun 2009

I'd be more interested in the quality (or otherwise) of the red wine...:-)

  [email protected] 09:17 11 Jun 2009

people telling me one glass of wine wont hurt!

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