Yorkshire Ripper Could be "Released"

  Uboat 09:58 16 Jul 2010

After thinking about ALL what he did to them poor women i dont think he should EVER be let out.

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  bri-an 10:03 16 Jul 2010

"But even if a 30 or 35-year tariff were to be fixed, Sutcliffe would not be let out until a mental health tribunal declared him well enough to return to prison and then the Parole Board was convinced it was safe to release him."

He's nowhere near the point of release yet, I think.

  mr simon 10:33 16 Jul 2010

Is a day old.

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  bri-an 10:46 16 Jul 2010

Hardly a 'day old'!!

The story was on the BBC website, from where I took my quote (main headline), at 10am today.
It changed after that.

  Quickbeam 10:51 16 Jul 2010

At 64 and half blind I doubt that he'll be a threat anymore. But like Brady, Huntley and a few others, the public opinion will keep him inside for a 'life' life term.

  mr simon 11:46 16 Jul 2010

The article was written yesterday, it is therefore a day old.

  the two smiths 12:46 16 Jul 2010

but even I don`t think this man will ever be safe to be released from some secure institution or other. The fact that he is detained at Broadmoor high-security psychiatric hospital suggests to me that he is not yet ready o be released. If the psychiatrists have him moved to an "ordinary" prison then we will know that there is a chance that they will pass him as safe enough to be released. It will be then that it must be considered if he is safe enough to be released or not. As things are now we are all safer to leave him where he is.

  Cymro. 13:04 16 Jul 2010

The site was still logged in by another member of the family with their log-in details. This and above were posted by me "Cymro"

  Mr Mistoffelees 13:53 16 Jul 2010

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The judge has made it clear Sutcliffe is going to spend the rest of his life in jail.

  Quickbeam 14:21 16 Jul 2010

I'm tempted to ask if 'the two smiths' has a dual personality, and what did the other one think about it...?

Oooops, I just did:)

  Cymro. 17:27 16 Jul 2010

No please don`t,
if you knew them as well as I do you just don`t want to know.

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