Is York Minster a Catholic church?

  Kev.Ifty 18:21 07 Feb 2013

Richard the third was a Catholic wasnt he?

  Forum Editor 18:51 07 Feb 2013

No, it isn't, and yes, he was.

  lotvic 19:33 07 Feb 2013

alan14, I'm relieved to hear that, I was worrying that some of them might still be alive..

  john bunyan 20:26 07 Feb 2013

forum member

I agree re the decision to Leicester Cathedral, as I posted at 4.25 yesterday on the other thread. However, would the Dean and Chapter agree to a Roman Catholic service there , and would a Catholic bishop be willing or allowed to conduct it? As Richard 3rd was a Catholic, it would seem correct for an RC funeral. This could test the so - called ecumenical policy that both churches profess.

  Kev.Ifty 22:19 07 Feb 2013

I heard how evil he was.. He never chopped his Wifes head off though.

  john bunyan 22:37 07 Feb 2013

Quite a few kings at that period arranged for relatives to be bumped off! Some say his crimes were exaggerated by the succeeding Tudors. It will be interesting to see if the RC fraternity claim the right to conduct a service, and what the response will be. It has always saddened me that people who profess to believe in the same God can be so incredibly full of hate for each other.

  spuds 00:37 08 Feb 2013

Perhaps to put further consideration to the question as to where Richard III remains will end up, then perhaps look no further than the Ministry for Justice who have categorically stated that its for the University of Leicester to decide.

The licence granted for the exhumation required certain relevant information from the applicant (University of Leicester), and part of that information covered where any remains would go. Richard Taylor, deputy registrar at the University of Leicester, as stated that the remains will be reinterred at Leicester Cathedral. The licence states that this as to be done no later than August 31, 2014.

The next move, is the Cathedral will consult with various bodies, including English Heritage and Cathedrals Fabric Commission of England before any work to alter the interior of Leicester Cathedral can be completed.

  Quickbeam 08:10 08 Feb 2013

SillBill Love it:)

  Quickbeam 08:25 08 Feb 2013

As I said in the car park thread, it should be a fully authentic Catholic medieval ceremony in Latin and all.

When it's done it will be a piece of living history that we're never likely to see again. It will raise lots of money in Leicester, create a lucrative tourist market for Leicester in the future. In should be a splendid citywide medieval pageant with juggling jesters and hot pie men and with the local rogues in the stocks. A day full of medieval colour and fun for all the family!

  spuds 09:07 08 Feb 2013


Leicester already have the things you mention, but most of it is kept from outsiders!.

I am not sure now, but at one stage the tourist information for Leicester was from a call centre in Cornwall or Devon. Many mistakes were made, including asking an adviser to look out of the window to see if it was raining in Leicester at that moment in time :O(

  Quickbeam 10:28 08 Feb 2013

From fm's link on the first page:

"The Minster's intervention came just hours after the leader of Scarborough Borough Council, Tom Fox, said Leicester could not be trusted to look after Richard III's remains.

"To be perfectly blunt, the people of Leicester misplaced him for more than 500 years," he said.

"Would we really wish to entrust his remains to them again? I think not.""

Sour grapes...?!

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