Yikes - That was a bit drastic

  wee eddie 15:29 26 Jun 2014

Still think there should be a Tablet & Smartphone Section.

I think that the Digital Home is going to be a Dead Duck for at least another two Years, maybe longer. At the present the Tech is not co-ordinated in any way and I can't see anyone but the Mega Rich installing the real thing.

If someone starts mentioning Smart Meters. They are meters and they are hardly smarter that the ones we have had for the last 50 years. Just that they have a Digital Readout (that you might be able to connect to your PC)and it's not under the stairs.

  wee eddie 15:37 26 Jun 2014

I hope that the old deleted Sections were saved into Tech Help, or somewhere, and not just dumped.

Of course the Tablet & Smartphone Section could be called Android Help.

On a more constructive note. I don't think that many would be upset if all Postings, over 10 years old, were Archived, and only available to Researchers.

  sunnystaines 16:25 26 Jun 2014

I think that merging the topics was a good idea. Saves me a lot of mousing around checking the lesser used ones that only get one post every few days/weeks.

I agree too with wiz

  Forum Editor 17:03 26 Jun 2014

The thing is, I think we all realised that there were too many separate forum areas. I was having to move stuff about on a regular basis, and all in all I believe we'll be better off if we concentrate everything into fewer, busier forum divisions.

It's done, and we'll see how it goes. One thing I've learned over the years (if nothing else) is that we will never please everyone. Let's give this a chance to settle for a while.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:40 26 Jun 2014

That's better - can now see all the forums across the top of the screen now.

As some don't seem to be used for days I agree this is a good idea.

  Aitchbee 21:03 26 Jun 2014

Yikes - That was a bit drastic

That's exactly what I first thought after I got my first Number-Zero crew-cut.

So, a pat-on-the-back to PCA for the latest improvements to the site.

  Secret-Squirrel 21:18 26 Jun 2014

FE, where have all the threads from the "Networking" forum gone?

  mole1944 05:23 27 Jun 2014

Lads and lassies F.E. has spoken,the site looks ok from my perspective remember "kiss",right that's me saved from the naughty step, thanks F.E. and your team.

  simonjary 06:02 27 Jun 2014

No threads have been deleted. Networking, Beginners etc move to Helproom, Windows consolidated.

We'll look at your suggestions for Tablets and Smartphones, or Android and iOS forums at the same time we remodel the Macworld forums.

Thanks for the feedback!

  Forum Editor 08:22 27 Jun 2014


I think that needs to remain as a separate area.

  flycatcher1 09:09 27 Jun 2014

The change looks good to me and I managed to spend an hour looking through the various interesting topics. Since learning never stops I have often found information given on one subject of great use an later occasions.

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