Yet another tyre fiaso in motor sport

  Dragon_Heart 00:44 21 Oct 2013

May of you may recall a F1 race at Indianapolis when the teams using Michelin tyres had to do the warm up lap then retire to the pit lane because their tyres were unable to withstand the extra grip and banked track surface. From memory about 75% of the cars did not take part in the race.

Sunday it was the turn of the Moto2 & MotoGP riders @ the Australian GP. The Moto2 race was cut short to 13 laps and the MotoGP had to change machines after 9 or 10 laps in a reduced 19 lap race.

The change over was a great danger to both the riders and the pit crews who had the catch the bikes off the riders as they came in. The problem was increased as the Australian officials decided to extend the pit lane until almost onto the main race track. Jorge Lorenzo made contact with Marc Marquez as Marquez left the pit lane at just over 60 kph. Marquez was later black flagged ( disqualified ) for changing his tyres too late, as were several others.

Bridestone, who supply the tyres, has not tested on the new track surface and later claimed they were not allowed to ?

Not only did the riders and pit crews put themselves in additional danger the paying public were 'short changed'.

The irony is just after the leaders completed the race it started to pour with rain. Had it occurred 10+ minutes earlier the riders would have to come into the pits and wait whilst their pit crews changed tyres to wet's from slicks.

  morddwyd 06:45 21 Oct 2013

An utter farce.

Why should a very talented young rider lose an almost certain podium, and possibly the championship, because of a s failure of the Philip Island management and Bridgestone to come up with a safe road surface/tyre composition combination?

The punishment far outweighed the transgression of this young inexperienced rider in his first season at top level.

He gained very little, if any, advantage and a loss of position/points, a time penalty or a ride through would have been much fairer.

  [DELETED] 10:57 21 Oct 2013

It was always said years ago that racing development helped improve the product for the average user. It really doesn't seem to be the case nowadays when a major manufacturer can't guarantee a tyre for more than ten laps, and these were the hard compound tyres. The soft compound was only just lasting for a couple of laps in qualifying. The other fault in creating a situation where a pit stop was necessary was that the pit lane restriction did not end until the riders were almost back on the circuit so Marquez was not up to racing speed when he entered the corner with Lorenzo bearing down at 200kph. Very fortunate that there was not a serious accident.

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