Yet another Security Issue in Internet Explorer.

  LastChip 18:22 07 Jul 2004

click here for more details.

Certainly now, I NEVER use IE for ANY Security Related Transaction. Internet Banking and so on, is all done via Mozilla and sometimes on a Linux machine for good measure, which seems at the moment to be remaining free of these issues. Or is it simply that no one has tried to discover the flaws that may be present in these other browsers?

All credit to the Open Source community. When issues are discovered, they are fixed in a very short time. It appears however, that Microsoft takes weeks over some quite serious security problems.

For what it's worth, I think everyone would be well advised to reconsider what browser they use for critical transactions. OK. It may be a chance in a million that you get hit, but do you really want to risk it?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:05 07 Jul 2004

Home computer users getting worried about this is way OTT. If you look hard enough there are many flaws in ALL browsers. I shall lose no sleep over this at all.


  Pesala 07:14 08 Jul 2004

From: click here

Opera has a very good reputation in the security community for always fixing any possible security issues as soon as possible.³ It was designed to be secure from the outset, and does not support the sorts of dangerous technology so heavily abused by trojans and worms and hijackers on the internet. Any product based on IE, such as Avant or MYIE2, will always have a much higher risk of security breaches, as being based on IE, they fall foul of the substantial tide of IE holes and Microsoft's consistently lax attitude in providing working patches (that don't break something). Most of IE's problems are unique to it because of its close ties to the operating system and technologies such as ActiveX? and Activescripting. The huge prevalence of hijacks, trojans and worms can be partially attributed to IE (and indirectly any shells that use its core).

³ On May 19th Opera were notified of phishing exploit discovered by Grey Magic click here on May 16th. On 3rd June they released Opera 7.51 with a fix for that vulnerability. (My note)

  Pesala 07:48 08 Jul 2004

This is a common defence offered when one points out that most exploits occur in IE, not in other browsers. Though it is true that all software contains potential vulnerabilities that could be exploited, IE is inherently more vulnerable click here

Security concerns are not at all important to me personally. I have no bank account or credit cards. I have good AVG virus protection and have never yet suffered data loss due to a virus. As far as I know, my PC has never been invaded by a trojan.

I prefer Opera because of its speed, tabbed browsing, customisability, and built-in email client. Most of all though, I prefer to deal with a company that listens to its users and is responsive. Smaller companies have to be more adaptable than big companies if they wish to gain market share.

Opera has built up a loyal following and the Opera forum is an invaluable source of advice and help on using the browser. One has direct contact with the Opera Developers through the forums.

I see a Microsoft monoculture as a real danger. It is just not healthy to have a single company dominating and controlling the market. That is why we need a Monopolies Commission and legislation to prevent unfair trading practices.

  Pesala 20:27 08 Jul 2004

Reported here on 8th July 2004 click here

Reported in this thread on the Opera Forum: click here

No browser is totally safe. I will be watching to see how long Opera take to come up with a fix for this one, and how long they take to respond to the thread.

  Forum Editor 20:43 08 Jul 2004

about using words like 'monoculture' and unfair trading practices when talking about browsers.

Internet Explorer is, in my opinion, the best browser available. I know that may will have a different opinion, but it won't change my view. Nobody forces you to use a particular company's product - we're all free to use any browser we choose. I've tried all of them, and I've come to the conclusion that IE is best for me.

That it's "inherently more vulnerable" than other browsers is very much open to debate, and for every 'expert' opinion saying it is I'll find one that says it isn't, but that's hardly the point. The real point is that we all have a choice - to use any browser we like. If it works for us that's fine, and if it doesn't? Well there's always something else to try, and no doubt we all end up with a favourite in the end.

  Pesala 21:59 08 Jul 2004

Nobody forces anyone to shop in Tescos either, but if that was your only local supermarket, you would be unlikely to drive ten miles to ASDA, or pay higher prices in your local corner store. There are good reasons why Tescos and ASDA were blocked from bidding for Safeways click here

Alleged Unfair Trading Practices by Microsoft click here click here

Confirmed Unfair Trading Practices click here

Out of Court Settlement click here$12%2Bmillion%2Bpayment%2BtoR0%202BOpera/2100-1032_3-5218163.html?tag=nefd.lede

Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  Pesala 22:04 08 Jul 2004

click here$12%2Bmillion%2Bpayment%2BtoR0%202BOpera/2100-1032_3-5218163.html?tag=nefd.lede

  sedgi 22:46 08 Jul 2004

Just started using Opera, as just the other night I found a whole herd of trojans and other nasties, just after reading an article on IE and its valnerabilities. I would say that there is a valid point been made that because the majority of people are using IE it has become the prime target. Maybe attacks don`t only target IE and also other browsers but at the end of the day it does seem that IE is easy option for attackers.
Everyday we hear more and more people are suffering using IE, Opera came highly recommended by a friend who has had no problems what so ever.
Lets see how we get on with other browsers.

  zootmo 16:08 09 Jul 2004

You are,of course,correct to say that people should be free to use any browser that they see fit.However Internet Exlorer is the only browser officially supported by many organisations,corporations and internet providers.This effectively denies choice to the many who might wish to change to a different browser.A great many people,I think,neither care or know how to go about making a change (this doesn't apply to anyone on the forum) to a different browser and if they did make a change would be unable to configure alternative browsers effectively. This means that the bloated,insecure,massively patched I.E.browser goes on and on as a agent for viruses and spies and trojans.......... and no I don't use it.

  mikef. 23:36 09 Jul 2004

Just to prove the point it's not only IE that has security problems, Mozilla has had a security hole discovered as well click here

I'm afraid as alternatives to IE become more popular the bad boys will also start to target them as well, it's IE's popularity that makes it the most vulnerable at the moment but as I've said I expect attacks on Opera and Mozilla to be come more common in the future.

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