Yet another Security Issue in Internet Explorer.

  LastChip 18:22 07 Jul 2004

click here for more details.

Certainly now, I NEVER use IE for ANY Security Related Transaction. Internet Banking and so on, is all done via Mozilla and sometimes on a Linux machine for good measure, which seems at the moment to be remaining free of these issues. Or is it simply that no one has tried to discover the flaws that may be present in these other browsers?

All credit to the Open Source community. When issues are discovered, they are fixed in a very short time. It appears however, that Microsoft takes weeks over some quite serious security problems.

For what it's worth, I think everyone would be well advised to reconsider what browser they use for critical transactions. OK. It may be a chance in a million that you get hit, but do you really want to risk it?

  Forum Editor 20:43 08 Jul 2004

about using words like 'monoculture' and unfair trading practices when talking about browsers.

Internet Explorer is, in my opinion, the best browser available. I know that may will have a different opinion, but it won't change my view. Nobody forces you to use a particular company's product - we're all free to use any browser we choose. I've tried all of them, and I've come to the conclusion that IE is best for me.

That it's "inherently more vulnerable" than other browsers is very much open to debate, and for every 'expert' opinion saying it is I'll find one that says it isn't, but that's hardly the point. The real point is that we all have a choice - to use any browser we like. If it works for us that's fine, and if it doesn't? Well there's always something else to try, and no doubt we all end up with a favourite in the end.

  mikef. 23:36 09 Jul 2004

Just to prove the point it's not only IE that has security problems, Mozilla has had a security hole discovered as well click here

I'm afraid as alternatives to IE become more popular the bad boys will also start to target them as well, it's IE's popularity that makes it the most vulnerable at the moment but as I've said I expect attacks on Opera and Mozilla to be come more common in the future.

  Forum Editor 00:22 10 Jul 2004

and leave out the tired old "absolute power corrupts absolutely" quote? We're talking about web browsers for goodness sake, it's hardly the stuff that moves planets in their orbits.

Just use the browser you prefer - and get on with something more important than looking up references about supermarket takeovers (which has no relevance anyway).

  Forum Editor 13:02 10 Jul 2004

Where on earth did you find a "personal attack" in what I said? I repeat, let's reign in the paranoia. I'm merely disagreeing with your opinions, and if that isn't acceptable to you I suggest you desist from voicing them.

All this stuff about absolute power corrupting and so on is a tad over the top for a discussion about which web browser you prefer, isn't it? We've all got our favourite, and that's just fine with me, but I'm unlikely to sit back and accept all kinds of off-beam remarks about monopolies commissions and supermarket takeovers without making some sort of comment. All browsers are vulnerable to exploits - all of them, without exception have their weaknesses and their strengths, and frankly anyone who pretends otherwise is deluding themselves. That may be OK, but when such a person attempts to assert their opinions as fact I'm going to respond somewhat robustly - that's my job.

If that upsets you I'm truly sorry - it wasn't my intention - but I'm not going to stop voicing my own opinion because of it.

  powerless 13:15 10 Jul 2004

actually been affected by these vulnerabilities?

  powerless 13:39 10 Jul 2004

I rest my case ;-))

  powerless 16:17 10 Jul 2004

We're talking about "Security Issue in Internet Explorer".

This makes an interesting read...

click here

  LastChip 22:14 10 Jul 2004

Diverse views, as you would expect from the members of this forum, which I have followed with great pleasure.

The original post was designed to get others thinking about security issues and seems to have worked well in that respect.

It is quite natural for everyone to have their own favorite browser, but is this just because it is what you're used to? Have you even tried an up to date alternative, I wonder?

GANDALF <|:-)>'s views on security related issues are well known to some of us, and whilst I cannot agree with him, I would defend his right to share his views with us.

Pesala is obviously a fan of Opera, and I have to agree, it's a very capable browser which I have used regularly, but having now used Mozilla Firefox for a while, I think I prefer the later.

Powerless's link confirms my submission on just how fast things get fixed in the open source community.

Our ever loved Forum Editor on more than one occasion has expounded the wonders of Internet Explorer, and it is clearly his favorite, but I am curious how he arrives at this statement; "Internet Explorer is, in my opinion, the best browser available".

The question now has to be; Why? Is it simply your preference, or are there technical issues that you would like to share with us to back up your statement? For all practical surfing purposes, I cannot see any difference between IE, Opera or Mozilla.

To expand the discussion a little further, the well respected SANS Internet Security Center, has suggested using a browser other than IE, which it considers vulnerable.

Further, recent vulnerabilities that use flaws in IE to download Trojan's that enable phishing attacks, (the ability to steal Credit Card Numbers, Passwords etc, via keystroke logging) have been written by professional programmers. Apparently, the code is so sophisticated it would not have been written by "script kiddies", and there are some that believe, this is the work of organized crime, possibly originating from the ex-Soviet block. The point about this particular threat, is the key-logger steals your keystrokes BEFORE the encryption to your bank takes place. So the encryption part of the process becomes irrelevant.

THINK about it. You log into a bank, type your Account Number, Your "Mums favorite breakfast" and you PIN. The Trojan says thanks very much, and sends it back to wherever! What could be simpler? And before one of you comes back at me, yes I know some institutions have now introduced a mouse system for the PIN to combat this type of fraud.

Personally, I don't think you can shut your eyes to this forever, because someone sooner or later, is going to get stung!

  LastChip 22:52 10 Jul 2004

You're missing the point. It's not a discussion about paranoia, it's a discussion about the (relative) level of inherent security in whichever browser you prefer.

Just as some will continue to prefer IE over alternatives, some will also be more security conscious than others. It's the way of the world.

  LastChip 23:12 10 Jul 2004

Which is the least secure in your view?

From my perspective, Mozilla and Firefox are one of the same, and I think the problem you refer to has been fixed (see Powerless's link above). Opera, I think has now been sorted, but not 100% sure and Avant, I know nothing about, so it would not be fair to comment. IE however, still has ongoing flaws that are known to all who care to read about them, with no sign at present of being resolved.

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