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Yet another mass US shooting

  john bunyan 19:53 27 Oct 2018

A Synagogue in Pittsburgh has been the scene of yet another shooting. So many, and we hardly mention them as it happens so frequently. I saw Trump commenting and , predictably, as well as condolences he said an armed guard inside would have stopped it more quickly. In his world , and that of the NRA, schoolteachers and Rabbis, and many others , should tote assault rifles and maybe all the kids and congregations should wear flak jackets. Nothing will ever curtail the US obsession with guns.

  Belatucadrus 13:33 08 Nov 2018

And again

click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:48 08 Nov 2018

They'll never learn!!

  oresome 13:53 08 Nov 2018

So many, and we hardly mention them as it happens so frequently

When we do reach that stage, perhaps these pointless and tragic acts will cease. I thinks it's the thought of going out in a blaze of notoriety that fuels the act for some who would otherwise live life as a nobody.

  john bunyan 14:37 08 Nov 2018

Trump and the NRA will blame the bar staff for not being armed. They have suggested that for school staff and Rabbis.

They won't even consider banning assault rifles so these regular events will continue.

  john bunyan 14:41 08 Nov 2018

Over 12,500 gun deaths so far this year in US.

Gun violence US

  Quickbeam 16:17 08 Nov 2018

I thought this was a new post, but a yet another massed shooting no longer warrants it's own post it seems...

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