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Yet another mass US shooting

  john bunyan 19:53 27 Oct 2018

A Synagogue in Pittsburgh has been the scene of yet another shooting. So many, and we hardly mention them as it happens so frequently. I saw Trump commenting and , predictably, as well as condolences he said an armed guard inside would have stopped it more quickly. In his world , and that of the NRA, schoolteachers and Rabbis, and many others , should tote assault rifles and maybe all the kids and congregations should wear flak jackets. Nothing will ever curtail the US obsession with guns.

  Quickbeam 20:01 27 Oct 2018

Oh, is there another one then...?

That just bout sums up what's considered to be a first world country with third world life values.

  john bunyan 21:13 27 Oct 2018

“Only “ 11 dead!

  Menzie 22:10 27 Oct 2018

Yet another... interesting response from the president regarding gun control.

  carver 11:47 28 Oct 2018

It isn't the gun that kills it's the moron pulling the trigger, there is approximately 400 million guns in USA owned by private citizens and rifles are not the biggest reasons for gun deaths, it's handguns.

Just look at this country and the deaths in London this year, should we ban knives, we have a ban on guns but the criminal still gets them and use them to kill with.

  john bunyan 15:51 28 Oct 2018

Yes , we should, and have banned carrying of knives. The per million homicide figures in U.K. and USA are 34 for firearms and 4.96 for cutting instruments in US and 0.48 for firearms and 3.26 for knives etc in U.K.


  x123 15:59 28 Oct 2018

No matter what you ban. Humans will find a way to kill other humans. All you can do is make it difficult for them to obtain devices that can cause utter carnage in a few minutes.

  Aitchbee 18:52 28 Oct 2018

No matter what you ban. Humans will find a way to kill other humans.

Banning all religions would be a really good way to start.

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  Old Deuteronomy 20:47 28 Oct 2018

Banning all religions would be a really good way to start.

Religions are not the problem, the problem is misguided individuals and groups misinterpreting those religions to suit their own agendas, despite those religions preaching peace and do to others as you would have them do to yourself. I speak as an atheist not biased for or against any particular religion.

  Menzie 18:06 29 Oct 2018

It looks like this is going to end in the death penalty according to several news reports I've heard.

The trial starts today.

  bumpkin 22:55 29 Oct 2018

This is the world we live in. Do you expect a rose garden. Get real.

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