Yet another food scare...

  Quickbeam 07:02 07 Dec 2008

click here It looks to be a quality control failure in the animal feed supply chain.

The government is worried that this will kill the Christmas pork & ham market.

  BT 08:13 07 Dec 2008

Seems to me that a large proportion of the stuff sold since September will have already been eaten.

  laurie53 08:23 07 Dec 2008

"The government is worried that this will kill the Christmas pork & ham market."

I think that's the Irish government, and I think they're probably right.

I note that some beef farms are affected also but there haven't been any warnings about beef.

  interzone55 11:38 07 Dec 2008

I'm wondering if these dioxins are only lethal to people of Irish descent, and that's the reason the Irish government have recalled these products or ours are sitting back and doing nothing.

btw an awful lot of the beef products are in the supermarkets hail from Ireland, are these affected as well?

  Quickbeam 11:43 07 Dec 2008

I've just been to Morrisons and there's no expected panic signs, either they don't sell Irish meat products or they don't see a major problem... unless the press decides to make it one by tomorrow.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:16 07 Dec 2008

With all the food scares over the years, I am surprised that anyone has lived past the age of 25. /yawn.


  Forum Editor 12:29 07 Dec 2008

my usual Christmas ham, but no doubt there will be people in Waitrose questioning the staff closely about where the pig came from. yesterday there was a woman haranguing the produce manager about how he should be selling cheaper vegetables 'now that the farmers would have to reduce prices because oil has come down'.

I saw her in the carpark later, loading cases of wine into her Porsche Cayenne.

  Quickbeam 12:33 07 Dec 2008

'Fairtrade' wine...?

  Forum Editor 12:47 07 Dec 2008

I doubt it.

  WhiteTruckMan 19:48 07 Dec 2008

this morning in my truck. Unfortunately, I was munching on a pork pie at the time. Took me quite a while to clean the windscreen.

Why do they never fit wipers on the inside?


  ulrich 21:01 07 Dec 2008

We are told to throw it away. Why not take it back for a refund? Of course all this dioxin in a landfill site won't do any good either.

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