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Yet another child abuse case mishandled

  john bunyan 12:55 14 Jan 2020

This time in Manchester. Over 90 men , of interest to the police, seem to have got away with serial abuse of children due to a reluctance of Social Services and police to go after Asian grooming gangs. This has been happening all over the country. We have discussed it before and clearly abuse is not only by the Asian diaspora, but the prevalence of gangs doing it is surely a sign of a serious cultural problem that needs to be tackled by community leaders.

Manchester case

  Forum Editor 15:25 14 Jan 2020

"...but the prevalence of gangs doing it is surely a sign of a serious cultural problem that needs to be tackled by community leaders."

Like many aspects of human morality, this is something that should primarily be addressed by parents when their children are growing.

Given that victims of child abuse don't have the time to wait around until a generation of parents get the idea, it is up to our Police services to prosecute child abusers, regardless of the cultural background of the perpetrator. Time and again we hear about Police resources being overstretched, and I'm sure there's a lot of truth in it but it is not the real problem here. The problem is allowing police officers to make decisions about prosecuting serious crimes based on the allocation of resources, rather than on the effect such crimes have on their victims.

Police officers should prosecute criminals, regardless of ethnic groupings or so-called cultural influences. To do that effectively they need society on their side, saying 'do your job and we'll back you up'.

Unfortunately all too often we don't back them up, and we are back where we started. We all know there are ways that we can have a society with less crime in it, but it takes effort, and it requires criminals to understand that they will face justice when they are caught. Any failure to prosecute child abusers is a disgrace; blaming that failure on resource allocations, political implications or anything else other than a lack of evidence is even more of a disgrace.

  john bunyan 17:19 14 Jan 2020

*Brian Hamilton *

Is that your serious contribution to a worrying case?

  wee eddie 18:14 14 Jan 2020

Brian H: Your attitude is worrying. This is your third aggressive posting, maybe you should visit your Doctor or stick to tea, it's most unlike you.

  wee eddie 19:00 14 Jan 2020

OK, we await, with bated breath, the quality of your advice

  john bunyan 19:52 14 Jan 2020

*Brian Hamilton *

You have no idea of my ethnicity nor reading habits. A newspaper that is anti Tory published a study on this issue


Of course I know the terrible history of child abuse ant it’s perpetrators are mostly non Asian. The point is that these gangs are , again, not representative of their community but are , nevertheless, in the past , often not prosecuted for PC reasons. Surely the Speaker’s Corner forum is a place to discuss such things? If you don’t like it either participate constructively or not at all. Your posts seem a bit hostile, which I am sure you do not mean to be

  john bunyan 20:18 14 Jan 2020

Why bring it up on a computer forum?

Have you read the script under the Speakers Corner forum heading? Clearly not. Of course you can bring many terrible examples of child abuse with non Asian perpetrators. It was , as the Independent article explains that the “ gangs “ doing it have a disproportionate representation in the Pakistani community in particular- It is a shame that a relatively few members of that group feel they can get away with it . Please do not take this as prejudice as I have quite a few friends in that diaspora

  john bunyan 20:24 14 Jan 2020

Also , see the Home Secretery’s views:


  Quickbeam 20:33 14 Jan 2020

It's reported that 50% of these perpetuators are Asian, so this is not a purely cultural thing.

  Quickbeam 20:36 14 Jan 2020

....'avent a clue where Brian Hamilton's coming from on this, if I knew what he's on, I would have a clue!

  Quickbeam 20:59 14 Jan 2020

Yes, I remember them, but there was a flurry of incoherent posts that seemed somewhat disjointed!

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