Yet again, could I please ask

  Forum Editor 22:46 30 Sep 2009

that when we get one of the regular Mafia/Google threads you do NOT post any messages to it, other than the usual 'FE notified' when you have emailed me.

Some people seem to be unable to resist the temptation to post insults in these threads, and apparently don't realise that they are doing exactly what the originator wants them to do - they're raising the thread to the top of the page each time.

  Quiller. 22:48 30 Sep 2009


  rdave13 23:32 30 Sep 2009

Yes boss.

  Quickbeam 01:22 01 Oct 2009

but is PCA on the backfoot with this Mafia jokester... or maybe you haven't been paying your protection money;)

  tein 01:29 01 Oct 2009

Ok FE im a culprit too!!

  wolfie3000 02:17 01 Oct 2009

Im surprised they haven't got the message by now that we users see it more as a joke now.

Also if the people doing it are trolling just that its not really working.

Mind you by posting this aren't i feeding the troll?

  Kevscar1 03:57 01 Oct 2009

Sorry but after having sat here unable to work for 5 1/2 months my humour is getting a bit warped

  mafiosi 06:17 01 Oct 2009

No horse's head eh?

  Picklefactory 07:51 01 Oct 2009

No more anagrams

  jack 08:32 01 Oct 2009

Don't click on them or similar- ever.
This and other SPAM can be spotted a mile off - so don't open them.

  Toneman 10:05 01 Oct 2009

I'm not clear what this refers to, any guidance?

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