yesterday PC Advisor

  Graham* 23:46 15 Nov 2011

If no-ones going to ask, I will. What is this mysterious post in the listings?

  lotvic 00:13 16 Nov 2011

A glitch probably, must be another poll on the way if past empty posts are anything to go by, there are several in PC Advisor Profile

  Quickbeam 09:48 16 Nov 2011

It was the automatic forbidden day post sensor kicking in. The FE gets a bit paranoid around this time of the year, he must have activated it when he had to manually lock a thread on the subject that dare not speak it's name...

  Aitchbee 11:15 16 Nov 2011

"I suspect skullduggery is afoot....Watson! it's a familiar pattern."...

  Forum Editor 17:43 16 Nov 2011

Put away the conspiracy theories - it's just little old us, running some tests.

  Aitchbee 20:49 16 Nov 2011

Are we not men? Yes we are. Rats can speak for themselves.

  simonjary 22:19 16 Nov 2011

If you watch 'Fringe' you will understand.

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