yellow leaves on tomato plants

  sunnystaines 23:55 08 Jul 2011

trying to grow tomatoes. the lower leaves have turned yellow and more appearing working their way upwards any idea what it could be pleas.

they are in large pots containing compost recommended by garden centre

  rdave13 00:03 09 Jul 2011
  Condom 01:01 09 Jul 2011

When the first fruits begin to appear it is always a good idea to remove all leaves below the first truss so this should also help your problem. A normal tomato fertiliser should also be useful if you have problems with epsom salts or if you are organic then I believe comfrey leaves placed around the base will do the same trick.

  rdave13 01:17 09 Jul 2011

Salts are nothing to do with 'organic'. They are minerals.

  morddwyd 07:44 09 Jul 2011

Look at the simple things first.

Are they thirsty?

Are they cold and wet?

It is a popular fallacy that you should water in the evening, after the heat of the sun has lessened.

Plants are like children - don't send them to bed with cold wet feet, they'll become ill.

  sunnystaines 08:40 09 Jul 2011

thank you for all the advice and also the link

  recap 09:43 09 Jul 2011

sunnystaines, you say you are growing them in large pots. Tomatoes prefer the likes of a grow bag as they like to spread their roots.

  morddwyd 10:32 09 Jul 2011

Depends how large the pot is.

I normally grow in ten inch pots. It allows them to go deep as well as spread.

  Aitchbee 10:43 09 Jul 2011

I'm growing tomato plants this year for first time. About twenty, all at different stages.Tomato plants like heat and light as well as water and feed. Adequate support too. I gave one to my sister (it's indoors on windowsill at 24 degrees c..some like it hot!).It has produced about 40 little tomatoes ..most are green at moment.All of my plants are outdoors (average temp about 10-15 c and are just at the flowering stage.(Glasgow). I hope weather get's better. HB

  johndrew 10:45 09 Jul 2011

Have you been feeding the plants regularly? If you grow tomatoes in pots they quickly impoverish the soil/compost. To overcome this they need feeding with a tomato fertilizer, most expensive isn't necessarily best - I use Wilkinsons link" target="_blank">">link text

  johndrew 10:48 09 Jul 2011

Typical the link failed. Try this link" target="_blank">">link text

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