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For years/decades I have not had a TV

  wee eddie 20:14 24 Jul 2019

Because of my accident I have been lent a small TV and I purchased an HDTV Indoor Aerial, from 1 by One, off eBay, however it does not have a direct line of sight to the Mast. The Telly works well getting about 36 Freeview Channels.

My Question: If I were to buy a decent 50" TV, would it work with the same Aerial?

  oresome 12:09 31 Jul 2019

Our present 50 something TV is no larger overall than the previous 42 due to the bezel being much slimmer.

I'm sure any future replacement is likely to be 60 something but I doubt the bezel can get much slimmer.

  Quickbeam 07:11 08 Oct 2019

As a result of this thread, I reevaluated my set ups, particularly with the older 50' Sony TV that now only receives iPlayer for catchup and can't be updated.

I too bought an Amazon Firestick which instantly rejuvenated the Sony that I was on the verge of replacing. It's not a 4k set, but the Firestick's software speed Vs the Sony's dated speed now makes it worth keeping until it fails.

Once set up and able to look at the Prime content, I decided to take the Prime membership which also replaces separate eBook subs etc. So with that and canceling my Virgin subscription with slow as a crab operation compared to the Firestick, to be replaced with a broadband only deal. This all now will save me 50 quid a month.

But the reason I mention all this is that I spotted an integrated click here Amazon Fire TV ad on this site, and that if I was buying from scratch, is what I would in for now.

enter link description here

  Quickbeam 07:15 08 Oct 2019

And for those that object to the ads, this proves their occasional worth!

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