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For years/decades I have not had a TV

  wee eddie 20:14 24 Jul 2019

Because of my accident I have been lent a small TV and I purchased an HDTV Indoor Aerial, from 1 by One, off eBay, however it does not have a direct line of sight to the Mast. The Telly works well getting about 36 Freeview Channels.

My Question: If I were to buy a decent 50" TV, would it work with the same Aerial?

  john bunyan 16:30 28 Jul 2019

Pine Man

I usually like your posts and opinions but .... Corrie! And not Attenborough! Oh dear �/p>

  Menzie 16:43 28 Jul 2019

I just watched a "documentary" on Prime. It was meant to be about yo-yo dieting but essentially from 10 mins in were a bunch of "experts" repeating that plant based is the way to go and eating meat and dairy is bad and the cause of pretty much all health issues.

I watched to the end to see if it would balance out but then came the credits. They might as well have put a sponsored by [insert vegan company here] in there.

  Forum Editor 17:10 28 Jul 2019

"...neither of us can stand David Attenborough"

It just goes to show how different viewing tastes are. David Attenborough is the world's most successful presenter of nature programmes, and is a national institution. His 'Planet' programmes are among the best-selling TV series ever produced; they attract huge audiences all over the world.

They have been so successful that Attenborough has been signed to present five new series over the next four years - not bad for someone who is in his 93rd year.

I shall look forward to the first of the new series, called 'Perfect Planet' due to air in 2020.

  Menzie 17:12 28 Jul 2019

Quite true, I like the likes of The Grand Tour; yet I'm betting most here cannot stand Jeremy Clarkson.

  Forum Editor 17:13 28 Jul 2019

"I'm betting most here cannot stand Jeremy Clarkson."

I'm certainly on that list.

  Quickbeam 17:27 28 Jul 2019

Clarkson, reality shows and soaps are on my TV Marmite list!

  Menzie 17:53 28 Jul 2019

Quickbeam - You don't want to be at my house today then! I'll be watching old episodes of Top Gear.

Later on my other half will be watching the Weekly roundup of Coronation Street. On Sundays they play all the episodes from the current week in a row.

Then tonight the other half will spend two hours watching a reality show where some people go abroad to meet someone they met online. They get married and move in together within 90 days.

  Quickbeam 18:02 28 Jul 2019


  Quickbeam 18:14 28 Jul 2019
  oresome 11:59 31 Jul 2019

They get married and move in together within 90 days.

I suppose a second series will document the divorce proceedings and custody battles.

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