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For years/decades I have not had a TV

  wee eddie 20:14 24 Jul 2019

Because of my accident I have been lent a small TV and I purchased an HDTV Indoor Aerial, from 1 by One, off eBay, however it does not have a direct line of sight to the Mast. The Telly works well getting about 36 Freeview Channels.

My Question: If I were to buy a decent 50" TV, would it work with the same Aerial?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:24 28 Jul 2019

My grandson (9) has no problem accessing all sorts of stuff on our LG (bought last Nov).

I only use it very occasionaly and the wife won't watch it at all as shes says its too big (43") she still uses the 12yr old 32"

Moral of the story - find a kid to show you how to use it :0)

  Forum Editor 10:45 28 Jul 2019

"It takes up half the room"

By some strange process, it will start to look smaller as time goes on. When I bought our current smart TV my wife insisted on coming with me - she feared that I would buy a monster. She chose a 42" model - I wanted a 60". In the end, we compromised on 48".

The John Lewis salesperson listened to all this discussion, and then played his ace card "Why don't you take both the 48" and the 60" home, try them out and bring back the one you don't want? We did, and a day later I drove back to the shop with the 60" model.

That was just short of a year ago. The other night we were watching a documentary about Orangutans, and my wife said "You know, I wish you had insisted on getting that 60" TV, this one is too small really".

  wee eddie 12:09 28 Jul 2019

FE, that's just what the Seller told me, as he set it up. I was commenting its size

  Menzie 12:57 28 Jul 2019

I have a 40" currently and it is too small now. I got it 6 years ago, it's a plain 1080p Philips model. It has smart features via the consoles, Media PC and Chromecast connected to it.

The picture seems to have shrank over the years and currently I'm looking at a 60" 4K model from the same manufacturer.

I have everything hooked up to a Pioneer 5.1 receiver with Fluance speakers and a Yamaha Subwoofer. I find the sound on the TVs of today too flat and tinny especially for movies and sports.

  wee eddie 14:07 28 Jul 2019

Apparently, mine has KODI installed on it. Another wall to scale

  Quickbeam 14:51 28 Jul 2019

Well for all the modern technology and choice in programmes in 2019, I just finished watching The Third Man...

Despite being 70 years old and B&W it has some of the best lighting effects and powerful plot lines that any film ever had. I'm a total sucker for this sort of stuff!

  john bunyan 15:17 28 Jul 2019

According to a Sunday paper , the best TV show (I agree it is excellent) is The Repair Shop. The people are amazing- well worth watching it.

  Quickbeam 15:27 28 Jul 2019

Impossible Engineering or Abandoned Engineering is my favourite slum out TV.

  Quickbeam 15:28 28 Jul 2019

And if smart TVs were properly smart, I'd be able to set it to never be able to show soaps...

  Pine Man 15:59 28 Jul 2019

It's interesting to note the wide variety of programs that have been referred to in this post and those deemed suitable or unsuitable depending on an individuals taste.

Luckily my wife and I have similar tastes and that does include one soap amongst a wide variety of different genres BUT neither of us can stand David Attenborough and those, more often than not, faked wildlife documentaries.

Roll on Coronation Street tomorrow!!

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