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For years/decades I have not had a TV

  wee eddie 20:14 24 Jul 2019

Because of my accident I have been lent a small TV and I purchased an HDTV Indoor Aerial, from 1 by One, off eBay, however it does not have a direct line of sight to the Mast. The Telly works well getting about 36 Freeview Channels.

My Question: If I were to buy a decent 50" TV, would it work with the same Aerial?

  john bunyan 17:06 26 Jul 2019

Agreed but I did 2 when over 70; including a mast. But good advice QB

  Brumas 17:39 26 Jul 2019

oresome, but the weight of the thing broke the glass top on the dressing table and I sold it on Gumtree.. How much are broken glass tops going for nowadays ? ;o}}

  oresome 18:42 26 Jul 2019

How much are broken glass tops going for nowadays ? ;o}


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:07 26 Jul 2019

If you have a Firestick then essentially you have made the TV smart.

  oresome 19:10 26 Jul 2019

Use a bit of the savings to get high gain roof aerial

Without knowing the particular circumstances, a high gain antenna may not be the most appropriate to use.

An alternative wideband antenna is the log periodic.


click here

  Govan1x 23:08 26 Jul 2019

Use a bit of the savings to get high gain roof aerial

For £100 you've got a real bargain and unexpected money in your pocket.

And don't forget if you have any cash left don't forger the TV Licence as that is about £150.

  Govan1x 23:12 26 Jul 2019

Oops already mentioned so ignore last post.

  Quickbeam 07:42 27 Jul 2019

Whilst on this subject, can I use my disconnected Virgin cabling which is very neatly installed in the house with several neat access points with no loose cabling, by loop connecting an aerial coax into the cable box, and then being able to use those supply feeds?

Using one of these.

  BT 08:35 27 Jul 2019

don't forger the TV Licence

Somehow don't think a 'forged' TV licence will fool 'em ☺

  wee eddie 10:20 28 Jul 2019

New TV has arrived and been setup. Huge, It takes up half the room, but great for watching movies.

I think that it'll take me years to work out how to access all the "Apps" it has available

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