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For years/decades I have not had a TV

  wee eddie 20:14 24 Jul 2019

Because of my accident I have been lent a small TV and I purchased an HDTV Indoor Aerial, from 1 by One, off eBay, however it does not have a direct line of sight to the Mast. The Telly works well getting about 36 Freeview Channels.

My Question: If I were to buy a decent 50" TV, would it work with the same Aerial?

  Quickbeam 09:51 25 Jul 2019

Cheers BT, I think that confirms that the decoder/receivers have improved a lot recently.

  wee eddie 10:16 25 Jul 2019

It's a steep learning curve

  BT 10:39 25 Jul 2019

A licence is therefore not needed.

Depend what you're watching and from where. BBC Iplayer now requires you have a Licence whereas it didn't previously

  BT 10:45 25 Jul 2019

decoder/receivers have improved a lot recently.

Certainly, and a lot became redundant when the Digital rollout came about. I had to ditch 2, a Hauppage and a Phillips which weren't compatible with the new system and my previous TV Freeview stopped working also so I had to buy a new Freeview box.

  wee eddie 10:55 25 Jul 2019

I already have a Licence as I watch iPlayer on my PC, whose screen is bigger than the TV I have been lent. However it would be churlish to mention that

  Pine Man 10:56 25 Jul 2019

However it would be churlish to mention that

Better not then;-)

  Flat Earther 12:26 25 Jul 2019

You could buy a TV card for the PC, I use a USB Hauppauge WinTV-dual HD, £60.

  iscanut 13:07 25 Jul 2019

I hope the person lending you the tv has not read you being churlish !

  john bunyan 13:17 25 Jul 2019

I think we are mixing terms. A new, smart TV has varying amounts of catch up services and is linked ( usually wirelessly) to your router . Most have built In miracast allowing laptops and smartphones to be cast to them. Also you can use things like Netflix.Non smart TV’s can be converted with various gadgets, such as a firestick, a PlayStation ( Play TV) , set top boxes etc.

My new Samsung has all such features built in, including the facility to start a program from the beginning if you miss the start.

Of course there are some “rubbish “ TV programmes, but there are many very good ones and well worth the TV licence fee. D Attenborough, many other documentaries, some good drama. I respect those who say the don’t watch it but for us older ones it is a great asset

NB I found a TV signal booster helped a poor channel 233 reception

  Quickbeam 14:45 25 Jul 2019

It's also possible that if the old TV you borrowed is cathode ray, that can give a much better signal than a flat screen.

I discovered that a few years ago, it must boost the signal

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