Years of the get rich quick scams that have been

  jack 14:46 08 Sep 2008

talked about on here ,I have always patted my self on the back and mused they have not found me yet.

Well now they have- one of them has got my E-mail addy.
Lastweek a lovely lady in Ghana wanted me to share in 68 million she had to give away, all I had to do was....... Delete it.
She is not to be put if if seems, to day she changed names and moved to Sierra Leone.
She to went to join the other.

I have a potentially very rich trash can now .
When will the next one arrive and where from?
How exiting

  darkreign 15:00 08 Sep 2008

...not only do they fill my yahoo mail box (along with all the other spam), but i also got them asking me to invest through facebook e-mail system! I think i joined a group (nothing of the sort) and this person was a member of that group and sent out e-mails to all members.

Needless to say that too got the preferential treatment and was first to be deleted.


  Kevscar1 15:09 08 Sep 2008

I love to play with these people. I only ever have half the amount they want me to send. When they say that's oK then I offer to get them the full amount in 4 weeks time if they want to wait.
Funnily enough when I tell them I have set it, it never seems to arrive.

  Si_L 15:19 08 Sep 2008

Probably not the best thing to do, I read I think in another thread about a woman who lost £50,000 to these sort of scams, and after accepting the first, she was put on a 'suckers list' and sent to similar people. I'm not saying you will fall for any of the scams, I'm simply saying not to be surprised if you find a whole load more in your Inbox soon.

  jack 16:43 08 Sep 2008

I discussed the fact the because presumably I had been messing with filters - All my mail goes direct to trash- Only personal mails from address book go to InBox.
So even dear old PCA goes direct to trash and I have to sort it from there - Don't tell FE ;-}

  spuds 17:07 08 Sep 2008

Worth reading, plus links at top of page click here

  €dstowe 07:39 09 Sep 2008

Be careful. As it states in spuds' link, these scammers can be highly organised criminal outfits with all the deviance and possible violence associated with them. I'm sure they would think nothing of "sending the boys round" if you even tried to make a fool of them.

If you do indulge in scambaiting make doubly sure that your real identity is very well hidden.

  jack 08:24 09 Sep 2008

Apart from having better things to do with my time, the mere though that acknowledging the mail immediately puts your addy on a list.
Just bin it.
Mean while a chum sent me this ditty he composed when he read of my invites from Africa


Oh master, did you know that ..........

A transvetic con man from Ghana,
Offered cash to me mate she called Bwana,
But in Sierra Leone
His cover was blown,
By a cop with a loaded banana.

For this terrible sin she'll go straight in the bin
Along with the trani from Ghana.
No more he'll send trash,
Of prospects of cash
And Bwana will feel a lot Karma.

a nony mouse

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