A year of amazing sport

  natdoor 10:55 01 Oct 2012

We have had an amazing Olympics, with great success for British athletes, a win in the Tour de France and several other memorable moments this year. But for me, the thrilling victory in the Ryder Cup at Medinah has been the pinnacle. One could hardly create a more dramatic ending. Both teams deserve immense credit for the amazing skill which they demonstrated under the toughest pressure and their sportsmanlike demeanour. All the Europeans were heroes but, for me, Poulter and Rose stood out.

  Bing.alau 11:42 01 Oct 2012

I watched it live and you could feel the tension in the air. My theory is that the Yanks thought they had it won, went in to the last day thinking they couldn't possibly be caught. They forgot the old saying "It ain't over 'till the fat lady sings" etc....

It was a good job I was able to have a lie in this morning after a boozy weekend and then not getting asleep until after midnight last night.

As you say though I think these things should be on BBC. But then I don't pay a license fee now. Maybe if they made all of us pensioners pay for one, they could afford to compete for these sporting occasions. Then again if some of the stupid programs such as Eastenders were taken off air that would give them cash to spare.

  Forum Editor 12:02 01 Oct 2012

"...if some of the stupid programs such as Eastenders were taken off air that would give them cash to spare."

That stupid programme gets over 8 million viewers - it's one of TV's top three or four audiences each week. There's no chance of that cash being spare any time soon.

As for pensioners paying for licences - they do for the first ten years. You don't get a free licence until you're 75.

  natdoor 12:09 01 Oct 2012

I managed to see an hour or so live on Saturday at my golf club. I live too far away to go there just to watch so had to listen to the rest on Radio5Live. Obviously watching would have been better but it was still exciting. There have been highlights on BBC of the first two days and highlights of all three days at 7 pm on BBC2. There must be too many highlights for one hour though.

There are, I believe, a few national sporting events which must be available for general viewing but I don't see the Ryder Cup being added to the list. The BBC probably could not outbid Sky even if they dispensed with their coverage of other events, such as Formula 1.

  Bing.alau 12:17 01 Oct 2012

FE. Yes I meant to put the words "older pensioners". Others wouldn't agree of course but I must admit I am able to afford to pay and maybe there should be some opt in system.

As you can tell I am not a fan of soaps at all, I think there are far too many on the box and also far too many programs about antiques and cookery etc. I'm not saying there shouldn't be any, but there doesn't seem to be much of an alternative if you switch on in the daytime.

I think there should be more educational types of programs such as history etc. National Geographic would be a good source of programs to educate us ignorant types.

But I also think we need much more sports coverage. I love it and always have, not just because we have had a good year. Let's hope our younger generation are inspired by the year we have had. I wonder if I could still qualify for the pistol shooting or the archery in the next Olympics...

  morddwyd 12:51 01 Oct 2012

"as with most sports only those that can afford it can watch it."

Most sport is free.

It is the highly paid professional entertainers, with their high fees, which you have to pay to watch, and that applies whether it's on a golf course, football field, or in a Las Vegas high spot!

The labourer is worthy of his/her hire, and good luck to them. For many of them it's high risk and short lived, but sport it is not.

  Chegs ®™ 01:00 02 Oct 2012

I play an online golf game,& found myself comparing some of the Ryder cup holes to some of those within the golf game.I also noted that the games physics were often pretty close to some of the shots I watched.The game is populated by hundreds of "Tiger_Woods" (and its numerous possible spelling derivatives such as Tig3rW00ds etc)& I was repeatedly asked which team I was supporting,and whenever I said "European of course" I was ridiculed as USA were 10-4,but patience is a virtue & I noticed they all were somewhat quieter today. :)

  Quickbeam 09:39 02 Oct 2012

And meanwhile... the choice for Sports personality of the Year just became even more difficult.

  interzone55 11:57 02 Oct 2012


The labourer is worthy of his/her hire, and good luck to them. For many of them it's high risk and short lived, but sport it is not

The dictionary begs to differ...

sport (spôrt, sp rt). n. 1. a. Physical activity that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often engaged in competitively

  hastelloy 12:07 02 Oct 2012


"often engaged in competitively"

Unfortunately the "often" is not true for most people - they only watch which, to me, defeats the object. Taking part and getting inspiration from watching is fine but the taking part is the important bit.

Unfortunately I was put off sport at an early age as I was no good at it and was never given the opportunity to play just for fun (which I would have enjoyed). Instead I was always the useless one - the butt of jokes and put downs from my peers (and staff).

  Aitchbee 19:08 02 Oct 2012

To illustrate the magnificent 'turnaround' on the last day of the Ryder Cup, Europe were at odds of 33/1 whilst America were a staggering 1/200.[avialable at 8pm on Sunday evening].

Tiger Woods' sporting gesture of gifting the last hole of the match to Francesco Molinari ( ... he might have missed that 4ft putt and it would have ended up a 14-14 draw...an ideal result for the bookies),meant the bookies had to pay out very large sums of money. Ain't that a shame!

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