Yahoo answers,

  wolfie3000 00:15 07 Aug 2010

When ever i get bored i sometimes help out on Yahoo answers helping others with there problems,
But iv noticed alot of people on there ask some of the silliest questions ever, also more often than not they leave out vital info in order to answer there questions.

One girl (14) wanted to bleach her hair with Clorox (Household drain cleaner)

Are people that stupid?

Yeh I know some questions are just people trolling the site, but some you can tell are serious.

Do any other people here go onto Yahoo answers and what have been the most stupid questions you have encountered?

My personal favourite was a mother asking if it is ok to put makeup on a 2 month old baby girl.

  mr simon 14:20 07 Aug 2010

I've found only in one or two instances that Yahoo answers can be useful, if only for the spread of people that use the site; I can't think of anywhere else a question is viewed by so many people eager to offer an answer, even if the majority do spout some nonsense.

I'm sure I could go on some specialist site for the question I have, but they all require making a new account, and then activating it etc, and its not worth the hassle.

Seen some daft questions on there, but it must be people messing about as there must be a lower limit to stupidity for people who are capable of using a computer.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:50 07 Aug 2010

"Are people that stupid?"


Every conman knows that.

  Pineman100 14:54 07 Aug 2010

Well even I knew that, and I'm not a conman.

(Unless of course I *am* a conman who's trying to con you that he's *not* a conman). ;o)

  Legolas 08:58 10 Aug 2010

Its too early in the morning to decipher your head hurts

  Legolas 09:00 10 Aug 2010

Unless of course it's not too early in the morning and I have cleaverly manipulated the time of this post to appear early so as to con you that it is too early and my head doesn't hurt at all

  Mr Mistoffelees 09:16 10 Aug 2010

I think some people need help this morning!!

  QuizMan 09:59 10 Aug 2010

I have never used Yahoo Answers before. I have just had a peek and am not sure that I shall go back there again. But at least I now know wether to buy a boy or a girl hamster.

  daytimers82 00:16 11 Aug 2010

Are you that bored with life get your answers from yahoo.

Yes people will ask some dumb questions and other people (teenagers) like to experiment with thinks like bleach

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