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  wolfie3000 01:48 05 Oct 2008

I sometimes when bored help out on there with computer and gaming questions, but sometimes in other sections i am astonished at some of the questions asked,

1 girl was on about the best way to self harm while another girl aged 13 asked how to lose alot of weight quickly for a prom.

It makes me wonder about some of the people on the site, yes you do on occasion get the odd balls who just put up stupid questions just to troll but many are genuine.

but in general Yahoo answers is a good site and i do get a certain satisfaction helping others on there with there pc or gaming related questions.

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Just that some of the questions asked can make you lose hope in humanity.

  wolfie3000 02:44 05 Oct 2008

Heres a few gems iv found on there tonight,

Where are you suppose to put toilet paper in the toilet or in the trash bin?

Would i get caught if i took lsd at school?
could i control myself enuf that people wont notice?

Is having sex at 15 okay if you are already have a child?

Is 1720mg of aspirin too much for a day?

Any good drinking games for the car?
were not drinking and driving we have a dd but we r gonna b parked drinking so what r some good ones? tired of waterfall/ kings

how are flower seeds made? is it in a factory or are they farmed like plants?

What color shuld i dye my sons hair? hes 6 months old now and i want him to look cool?

  Si_L 09:35 05 Oct 2008


"I live in georgia but i dont see rusia no where not even sound but they says theres tanks should i be worrie. i herd on the news that rusia has invaded but i dont see them no where wats going on"


"You live in the State of Georgia. The nation Georgia is on the other side of the world."

  mikef. 10:11 05 Oct 2008

wolfie3000 the toilet paper question is not as daft as it seems, in a lot of Greece the answer is the trash bin as the sewerage system can not cope with it in the toilet and will block

  Jim Thing 12:31 05 Oct 2008

"I live in georgia but i dont see rusia no where...etc.

That's someone 'avin' a larf, methinks.

In a way it reminds me of a similar demonstration of gross ignorance (better-written though), published in one of the tabloids many years ago and signed "Three Typists." It read:

"Please settle a bet. What is our national anthem: is it Land of Hope and Glory, God Save the Queen or Rule Britannia?"

The deadpan answer, offered without comment, was "It's God Save the Queen, dears. Who won the bet?"

That was in the early 1950s IIRC. I think it was the first time I began to wonder whether perhaps educational standards weren't starting to slip a bit.

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