J33 19:58 14 Jun 2005

I have a relativly new PC witha AMD 64 2300+ processor. Would it drastically increase perfrmance if I upgraded from XP home to XP64 or would it be a waste of money?

  Totally-braindead 20:38 14 Jun 2005

A waste of money as far as I can see.

  Joe R 21:20 14 Jun 2005


there are still not 64 bit drivers for a lot of hardware yet, and it would maybe be better, to leave it for a while, and waiting until it is in more common use in the desktop market.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:42 14 Jun 2005

Total waste of time unless you are running 40+ computer stations off a server...and even then there are better methods. Use the money to buiy an external HD, this will be of much more use.


  igk 01:08 15 Jun 2005

I'm inclined to agree with the others a waste of time & money,there are some very good write ups on this very thing in the two other computer mags for June/july the consensus is the same,there are very few 64bit drivers for hardware,at present it is only available as an upgrade to Win xp pro and its expected to cost around £200!!! (this is all in the magazines mentioned) also Win xp 64 works seperately to the 32 bit version (even on the same system)so you would have to have two antivirus progs running at the same time (1 32 bit & 1 64bit) my son has just spent a rather large amount on an AMD64 3500 cpu and skt939 asus mobo only to find that there is very little difference in performance...hth..

  Monument 06:58 15 Jun 2005

It is very early days for XP64 and currently there are little or no programs that can make use of the benefits 64 will bring. As other have said there is also a lack of drivers.

I have been running several of the RC versions and it does offer some performance improvements.

If you are into things such as video editing then 64 offers the potential of huge improvements as it will handle larger amounts of RAM in a much more efficient and effective way, likewise for gamers, but that is for the future.

  dth 09:35 15 Jun 2005

No real difference in performance and more driver problems than it is worth. Linux 64 bit systems have been available for 2 years now (so are quite mature now and have no driver problems) but the increase in performance even on editing video files is only 15/20% or so.

  igk 11:29 15 Jun 2005

If anyone is interested in the write ups I mentioned in my post above they are:
"Personal Computer World" July edition (current issue) and "Computer Shopper" current issue,the write ups are unbiased and say it all...

  Bob The Nob© 11:34 15 Jun 2005

I would wait until 64bit games and progs and drivers etc are out. My friend upgraded to xp64 and he cant use alot of his old progs

  J33 16:24 16 Jun 2005

thanks for all the advice. I think il wait for either wait for more drivers and software for xp64 or leav it for a while and get longhorn.


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