XP2 updated and working okay

  CurlyWhirly 05:36 26 Aug 2004

I have just downloaded and installed SP2 and I was surprised how quick it took!
It says on the Microsoft update website that it would take over an hour on my 512 kbps broadband connection but it actually took just over 45 minutes!
I don't know whether this had anything to do with me downloading in the small hours of the morning!

I was reading loads of scare stories about SP2 and so I have decided to try it out for myself and so far I have found NO problems.
Early days yet but here's hoping!
IMHO well worth trying out as long as you have made a backup and/or enabled System Restore.

  CurlyWhirly 05:37 26 Aug 2004

Sorry my spelling this morning!

  Don3002 18:46 26 Aug 2004

I downloaded SP2 yesterday and from the reboot my machine became slower than my first 286. I have uninstalled it now and things are back to normal. I think it might be because I have Norton Internet security and a firewall on my router so it was slowing down my surfing. It was actually taking ages to boot up and open programs. It is worth a try, but I'll be living without it on my Mesh Matrix 2600

  CurlyWhirly 20:27 26 Aug 2004

You are one of the unlucky ones then.
Better luck next time.

  alan5758 20:55 26 Aug 2004

i am asking for help for my son he downloaded sp2 now his computer will not on. help alan5758

  igk 21:38 26 Aug 2004

Alan5758,, reboot get into safe mode (keep pressing F8) then go into control panel then uninstal sp2 then try rebooting as normal.hope this helps.

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