Xp v Vista, a personal view.

  m800afc 20:32 26 Aug 2008

My laptop came with XP Pro, pre installed, as well as a "free" Vista disc. My desktop is XP Pro.
I decided to install Vista on my laptop to give it a try. It looked very nice, but did seem slower. Some of this may have been my fault, because I did not know too much about Vista. I stayed with XP Pro on my desktop. I tried for about three weeks to get to grips with Vista, but eventually gave up and went back to XP Pro on my laptop.
The straw that broke the camels back, was not a grand technical point, nor was it an aesthetic one. I have a perfectly functional business quality colour laser printer, and two sets of spare toner. I was unable to find a Vista driver for my printer, and an email from the manufacturer said that as it was not a current product, they would not be producing a Vista driver.
I reckon that the printer will last 2-3 years on the toner I have. By then I would imagine Windows 7 will be much closer to being an option.
I expect that my printer will expire a the same time Windows 7 is released. For me it seems practical to hang on to XP Pro until Windows 7 and then get a new printer, and maybe a Windows7 computer. When this happens I will probably have changed my priorities, but at the moment I am taking the more pragmatic, and cheaper view.
Some folk may feel that this is putting the cart before the horse, but I am just using my resources to best effect. At the moment I have no need to use Vista.
I think that quite a few people will have made a similar decision, and will skip Vista in the same way that many people skipped ME.

  rickf 21:04 26 Aug 2008

Seems like you have made a well considered and good decision. Vista to me has always been a white elephant anyway. Like you I am sticking with XP. Vista would have rendered many of my software and hardware package to the rubbish heap.

  VNAM75 21:47 26 Aug 2008

I have xp pro on my pc and vista basic on my laptop. I prefer xp pro. Vista for me has to do things differently to xp so as to distinguish itself as a superior product, which I'm sure it is, but a lot of times this just fustrates me. I'll wait for windows 7.

  peter99co 21:52 26 Aug 2008

My only casualty in using Vista is my Windows Media Player which was wrecked by installing SP1 and Microsoft software engineers have been so far unable to fix it. (still trying)

  Si_L 22:13 26 Aug 2008

Understandable, and perfectly logical reason. I happen to love Vista, but just because Microsoft release a new OS doesn't mean you have to buy it.

  Jak_1 00:58 27 Aug 2008

I have Vista on my new machine, just getting used to it but still prefer XP. However, Vista does run all my programs, none have failed to install and run and with a driver update my Canon i550 is fine for printing also.
One gripe I do have is the amount of memory it requires, this new machine only vame with 512 MB of RAM so I will upgrade to 2 GB shortly. Also the fact that Vista decides to defrag (whether it needs it or not) when idle causing a delay when you do start a new task from idle.

  Seth Haniel 15:12 27 Aug 2008

Adobe Acrobat updated from version 7 -even after applying all fixes it installs to 99% then says it cannot access Registry Key then uninstalls itself - Vista Home Sp1 -
Have been to said registry keys and changed permissions but to no avail.

  interzone55 15:32 27 Aug 2008

Is this the full Acrobat program or just the reader.

if it's the reader you're trying to update then simply drop it and us Foxit Reader instead

click here

  darrenrichie 14:05 28 Aug 2008

Is it Vista or the manufacturers of software/hardware that is to blame for the lack of Drivers etc(thinking of Creative and Nvidia here)? Vista works perfectly fine with 99.9% of things I have installed and the majority of problems I read about are to do with drivers or installing software. As far as I am aware there are several ways of installing software and drivers besides just sticking the disk in and saying install (run as admin or turning of UAC are 2 examples).
It is always worth trying to install the latest drivers whether they are Vista or not as there is a good chance XP drivers will work. Look here to see how to install using XP compatibility mode click here I have an old Epson printer that works fine as I used XP drivers. I think alot of people hear that Vista is bad and have nothing to do with it based on other people's experience. I would say that no matter what OS you use, there is always a bedding in period and a few niggles, but perserverance is the key to getting the most out of your system.

As for defrag, just turn of the auto defrag by right clicking the drive and selecting the properties and tools. untick the schedule defrag in the defrag section.

  AL47 22:45 28 Aug 2008

im switching back to xp cause sp1 vista isnt availible for my laptop

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