XP try before you buy?

  kspatto 23:18 23 Sep 2004

just a thought dont you think that all the dodgy copies(XP) floating around are an excellent advert for microsoft
1 instal XP(fake)

2 get a virus

3 try to download all the patches(no can do)

4 buy real xp(because you cant get ntfs off your hard drive and go back to 98)

you dont get rich by being stupid

ps does anyone know how big XP is now with sp1 &sp2 installed by the time they have finished I will need a bigger hard drive and this from bill gates who couldnt see why anyone would need a hard drive bigger than 4 gig

  Djohn 01:04 24 Sep 2004

Not sure of an answer to your reasoning but I looked at your thread because the title intrigued me. "Try before you buy" Yes, you can try XP out if you wish. Borrow a copy from a friend and install on your system, it will work for thirty days but then expire as you will not be able to activate it.

It's perfectly legal to do this, Microsoft used to allow a download of XP to test if your system met the requirements, not sure if this is still available but it was virtually the full XP operating system that would work for thirty days.

Anyone not certain if they want to upgrade without testing XP can borrow an XP disk, install, test for thirty days then make a decision from there.

You will need to install on a separate partition or drive otherwise you will lose your current O/S and need to format and re-install if you decide not to upgrade to XP after the trial period. j.

  [DELETED] 13:03 24 Sep 2004

"because you cant get ntfs off your hard drive and go back to 98"

Yes you can, you use Delpart.exe click here and scroll down the page.

  kspatto 22:18 24 Sep 2004

im not saying I cant just that there are plenty out there who cant and who keep on asking how come I keep getting a virus and when you tell them to update there xp patches the answer is normally I tried that but it doesnt work

god only knows how many fake copies are out there


  Dorsai 08:23 25 Sep 2004

Thats their problem then aint it?

if they keep getting their system fouled up by a virus coz they are using a pirate copy of XP (which understandably M/Soft dont offer support for) then that is their tough luck. They are getting what they paid for.

  kspatto 10:52 26 Sep 2004

thats a fair comment but a lot of the people concerned are newbies and wouldnt have a clue what was on the machine they may have bought privately I do agree you get what you pay for and illegal copies are a no no but my point was more that microsoft must be aware of all these copies and i dare say their not too unhappy that they are getting viruses and then posssibly having to buy a genuine copy of XP


  Dorsai 23:17 26 Sep 2004

I see what you mean, about newbies not knowing etc.

But if i went to buy somthing in which i was a newbie, i would find someone i knew who did know (or do some research), and get advice, so as to avoid pit-falls.

And do microsoft care? I would guess not. I imagine that they put quite a bit of effort into making sure that pirate copies of XP would NOT update, just for the reasons you gave.

After all, why on earth should MS offer what ammounts to Tech support for a product that was not actually sold by them. (actually, somthing that was stolen from them)

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