XP Support Life Cycle Extended

  freaky 20:40 29 Jan 2007

XP Support Life Cycle Extended

Last week Microsoft announced that they are extending the support life cycle for Windows XP Home and Media Center Editions to April 2009 for mainstream support (with extended support lasting five years beyond that, to 2014). Normally consumer products lasts for five years, meaning XP Home's support would have ended December 31, 2006 under the normal procedure. Microsoft had already extended that. This is good news for consumers who don't plan to upgrade to Vista anytime soon. Read more here:
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Just received the above information from the USA, sounds good news.


  bluto1 20:51 29 Jan 2007

My guess is, they`re worried about Vista, or if not worried then thinking of a huge market outside of the USA which still want XP. Good news.

  jackhass 21:07 29 Jan 2007

With some luck MS will have gone under by then.
You don't really think that we will still be using neanderthal and obese operating systems like XP;by now in the dated business model museum.

I guess the W98 crew might have stumbled onto XP by then,with the excepted lack of support thrown in.

Leave it to the new kids on the block like Google and the BBC and Sky! Bring on the super TV pc.

Future forums will have GPS targeted debate with full cry-baby armour protection.

  Jackcoms 21:11 29 Jan 2007

Would you like to run your post past us again?

And this time could we have it in English, please.

  Forum Editor 21:13 29 Jan 2007

What a ludicrous post.

I suggest you take a long walk in the fresh air, and return when you feel capable of expressing a reasoned opinion.

  Input Overload 21:14 29 Jan 2007

jackhass - You got a new operating system in the wings? I for one will be using Vista & loving it.

  freaky 21:18 29 Jan 2007

For your timely intervention before I replied in a less polite manner.

  jackhass 21:18 29 Jan 2007

It's ok.
I know that some still believe in a flat earth.

However,others can see beyond the pale!

  Forum Editor 21:22 29 Jan 2007

I'm sure that you think I'm blissfully unaware of your identity, but I'm not. Take a tip from me, and modify your forum behaviour now, while you still have the chance. I'm a patient man, but there are limits.

  wee eddie 21:52 29 Jan 2007

Now that Vista has been issued and, theoretically, the last new copy of XP sold.

Full support should be available for XP until 5 years after the last new copy of XP was sold.

Well that's my opinion anyway

  Forum Editor 22:15 29 Jan 2007

The truth about support is that it's extremely unlikely someone would need it, "five years after the last new copy of XP was sold". How many people would want to contact Microsoft with support queries about Windows 98?

If you want to know anything about Windows XP, or any other version of Windows come to that, you don't need to go to Microsoft; just type a few keywords into Google and you'll have more links than you can handle - the web is awash with free support.

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