XP Service Pack 2 delayed another month.

  LastChip 17:40 12 Jul 2004

Microsoft announced today, that XP SP2 will not be released until August. This is a further months delay on the proposed July release, which had already been delayed from the original planned date.

Microsoft declined to give reasons for this latest delay, but some observers believe they have come up against serious incompatability problems.

The development of Longhorn has been severely affected by SP2, as many of the developers on the Longhorn program had to be taken off, to try to solve the issues in SP2.

  one23 18:37 12 Jul 2004

click here
An SP2 article , today's date.

  accord 19:34 12 Jul 2004

click here

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read these before installing SP2. I think i will wait and see how people get on with it before updating.

  Forum Editor 19:35 12 Jul 2004

the rumours abound.

I have my ear to the Microsoft ground, and I have heard nothing about serious incompatibility problems. I've been running beta versions ever since the programme started, and I haven't had a single compatibility issue. That isn't to say there won't be any, just that I haven't seen them.

I'm still running the RC2 version of the beta, and have so far heard nothing from Microsoft regarding a refresh. If I do, you'll be the first to know.

  accord 19:54 12 Jul 2004

My links were taken from your sister mag Techworld. Im sure there will be many stories about SP2 and the possible problems with updating.

  stalion 23:25 22 Jul 2004

interesting article in pca september issue about
xp service pack2

  Taran 23:49 22 Jul 2004

that you can never take into account the variables of computers when releasing software.

All computers are built of different core components. There are several possible BIOS and driver variations for the hardware and this, as well as certain application software is where mosty problems can or will arise.

Taking into account the almost unlimited variation in hardware, drivers, and third party applications when releasing an operating system update is a major event and not something to be taken lightly.

Like many others I've been quiety beta testing SP2 since its first offering and I have to say that to date I've been very, very impressed.

On the flip side of this, I'd rather wait an extra month for identified problems (if there are any) to be rectified or just for all the tens of thousands of tasks involved in bringing SP2 to market to be completed. Keep in mind that if one task overruns, it will have an obvious knock on for all the subsequent stages.

  Forum Editor 00:17 23 Jul 2004

with a release of this magnitude, and in this case one of them has been a problem with some of Microsoft's own software - .NET

To be honest this isn't a problem that would affect many home-users, and it will be fixed before final release I'm sure. I know of no other serious incompatibility problems, and I was talking to Microsoft's Windows Client Product Marketing Manager only a couple of days ago, I'm sure he would have told me.........yes of course he would.

I believe that release delays have been caused by logistical problems - debates within Microsoft about the detals of the release program. I could be wrong, but as a beta tester I've seen no signs of real problems. One of the difficulties with beta testing is that you aren't always sure when a glitch is being caused by the software you're testing, or whether it might have happened anyway.

We'll all find out soon enough, and as Taran says, it's better to wait the extra few weeks and be sure that you're getting something that is as ready as it can be in the circumstances. Releasing new code must be a very nerve-wracking process. There's your baby, the one you've nurtured and fussed over for months and months. out there in the big, bad world all on its own, nobody to protect it from criticism or attack. I wouldn't be a Microsoft project manager for all the tea in China, even if Bill Gates did pay me a whacking great salary to do it.

  LastChip 00:50 06 Aug 2004

Microsoft announced another delay to SP2 today citing quality problems. click here

However, they are still hoping to release the pack this month.

Does anyone want a little flutter?

My bet is, September at the earliest before it's in your hands!

  LastChip 00:55 06 Aug 2004
  Forum Editor 07:03 06 Aug 2004

the usual beta test 'sign off' email from Microsoft for SP2.

This is something that always happens when no further beta refreshes are going to be released, and is a sign that the full release is imminent.

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