Is XP recyled?

  josie mayhem 15:38 20 Nov 2004

After installing (clean install) a new copy of XPhome straight of a sealed box, onto a newly built computer.

When I tried to activate it over the net I couldn't reason, it had been activate to many times???

The only conculsion I have to this, is that they must repeat serial activation numbers or something. Because this copy has never been used before, and the fact that I brought from a high street pcshop. Then It couldnt be a counterfit or could it?

  Forum Editor 16:00 20 Nov 2004

No, each activation 'hash' is generated by the computer on which the software is installed. As for being counterfeit.....that's certainly a possibility. The problem is that a retailer will almost certainly refuse to refund your money once the software package seal has been broken, unless you can demonstrate that the software is faulty - and that will be difficult.

Have you contacted Microsoft about this? I suggest that you do - they'll soon tell you if you have a counterfeit copy. Does the CD have an authentic-looking Microsoft hologram, and is there any documentation in the box?

  josie mayhem 17:01 20 Nov 2004

The copy is total legal, all doc's, holograms intact present and correct. And I did manage to activate over the phone, with a slight glich, so I imagine that MS is also satified that I have registered a legal copy.

Could it have been that the random geration hit the jackpot so to speak, even though the odds are very much in the regiion of being impossiable, but it isn't impossiable just very unlikely?

But I will e-mail microsoft just to see what they say, could be interesting.

  Dorsai 19:55 20 Nov 2004

Is it not more likly that that the first time you typed in your serial number/activication code you accidently transposed two letters, and hit a code that had already been used?

And being human, you repeated the error, more than once.

It was only when you came back to it, a while later, that you avoided making the same error, and it worked.

  josie mayhem 21:25 21 Nov 2004

No, I checked the digits that I had tapped in.

Shall so find out more, has my motherboard went belly up, and so will have to rebuild/reload onece problem sovled see thread in comsumer watch.

  Forum Editor 01:44 22 Nov 2004

that Dorsai's explanation might be the right one - it's easily done, and with respect you do seem to hit the odd wrong key in your posts, we all do.

If you are going to reinstall Windows again you'll definitely have to activate it via the telephone system anyway, so I guess you'll be OK as before. One of the problems with phone activation is that when the automated system reads the activation code it's very easy to get slightly panicky and enter a wrong digit. The automated activation voice used to be a very distinctive (and very pleasant) Australian woman, and I never found it a problem to follow her. Now Microsoft seem to have changed the voice, and in my opinion it's not quite as easy.

  fourjays 21:02 22 Nov 2004

If it did it over the phone, then I wouldn't worry. Over time, I have installed XP a few times from scratch. Once it said it had been activated too many times (I checked the number over again, and again - even had family members check it but it still said it), and told me to phone instead. I phoned, activated it, and its worked everytime since via the online method. I have probably had to activate 6 times total now. :(

  josie mayhem 22:05 22 Nov 2004

What me? miss type? oh ref surly not!!!

Alright I hold my hands up to the odd (sometimes more than the odd) missed tapped digit. But even though it doesn't seem at time I do try and prove read.

So when entering such digits on things like xp, I do trebble check before hitting enter.


It's been worse since I've started to use this wireless keyboard, which has a smaller qqwerty board, runied my touch typing ability, keys to close toghether, and add bad spelling abilities to it, and ha-presto you get me and my typing!!!

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