xp 64 do i become a target

  futurhead 10:26 15 Apr 2005

hello just trying to get other thoughts on windows xp 64 .i`ve read will be out in a few weeks and was wondering if anyone else is gunna bother to get ( if you didn`t download the beta version that is ) . as with any new lunch from microsoft i imagine its gunna be a target for viruses spyware etc etc. I`m in need of an o/s for a new build but i`m not sure being in the first wave of users is a good idea,wouldn`t i b better off waiting a few weeks with fingers crossed the price of non 64 xp drops after release..

opinions anyone ?

  Indigo 1 13:14 15 Apr 2005

I personally would not use an untested O/S on a new-build for obvious reasons, if something goes wrong you will have a nightmare trying to track it down. I have seen copies of XP on Ebay going for £35, you would be better off using one of them for a few months to be sure you have all the correct drivers installed and it is running sweet before trying out a new O/S. It would be a simlple matter to make a backup so that you could revert back to it in the event of a catastrophe. Try using two hard drives (one for each O/S) and swap them round to see which one is best.

Just my opinion of course.

  Forum Editor 18:32 15 Apr 2005

isn't a new operating system - it's simply a 64bit version of Windows XP.

If you want to use it, go ahead. You won't be in the first wave of users anyway - countless numbers of people (me included) have been happily running the beta for some time.

  futurhead 21:02 15 Apr 2005

forum ed, i`m ok with the stability of the new o/s ,as you say peope have been using it for a while so its not like its brand new out of the development lab, and i suppose i`ts gunna b no more of a taget for nasties than any other microsoft product.so it depends on the price. it does seem bit a pointless building a athlon 64 based system and not taking advantage of the o/s its intended for.

indigo 1 , i`ve heard it b said that the chances of buying a ligit version of xp off ebay are slim at best.i`d rather pay out for the full package and get it registered.And microsoft are fairly good a putting out patches 4 probs

  Indigo 1 22:08 15 Apr 2005

Fair enuff.

  futurhead 22:28 15 Apr 2005

cheers for the opinion tho, thats what i asked for. i`ll prob decide to b a tight git 2morow and will buy xp pro thats been reduced .

  John-259217 16:43 16 Apr 2005

You might want to check driver availability before deciding.

When I last played with the beta about two months ago I found drivers for most but not all of the hardware I was using.

Whilst its true that the general release of the 64 bit version will probably speed up driver development you may have to wait a while if you use more unusual hardware.

In my case I wanted tv/sat card drivers as the 32 bit ones just did`nt install, so a simple choice, go without the hardware or run the 32 bit till proper support appears.

Good luck with your choice.

  futurhead 17:59 16 Apr 2005

thats a very good point.i`m not using anything really unusual but i hadn`t considered the driver issue.and i`m not holding out much hope the price is going to be slashed for non 64 o/s. microsoft are not known for their generosity are they...

  bemuzed 20:11 16 Apr 2005

how does it perform. Noticed any advantage over the 32bit version?

  fred 21:18 16 Apr 2005

just to keep tabs on this as I run an Athlon 64 chip

  Maverick81 17:00 19 Apr 2005

I have been using the RC1 for quite some time and was lucky enough to get some microsoft briefs and information on the 64 bit XP. I am lucky in that all my hardware has 64bit drivers available (most are beta's) and I have to say it does make the athlon 64's run a little quicker especially with 64 bit apps. It will be interesting to see what the game company's do with 64bit.

The main reason for the shift to 64 bit is that 32 bit is restricted on the amount of RAM it can address....well thats what the guy from AMD told me



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