WW2 Anderson Shelter Can it be knocked down?

  Uboat 16:06 28 Apr 2010

Hi my neighbour has a ww2 Concrete anderson shelter click here
He wants to knock it down but we dont know if he needs to ask the local council first.? can anyone shed any light on this pls.?

  Woolwell 16:15 28 Apr 2010

Stand by for it to be given listed status! Those are now rare.
Simply ask the planning department of the council to make sure but I doubt that any permission would be required.

  canarieslover 16:40 28 Apr 2010

A few years ago there were several dug out locally when they demolished a row of old houses to make way for a new estate so I would not think that it would be a problem. That's only my take on the situation the local council may differ when there' no money to be made out of demolishing it.

  anchor 16:52 28 Apr 2010

Anderson shelters were made of Corrugated Iron, not concrete. Perhaps someone covered the iron with a layer of concrete instead of earth, which was the norm.

click here

"many people built Anderson shelters in their gardens so that they had protection if they were unable to get to the public shelter. Anderson shelters were made out of corrugated iron and were very strong. A hole was dug in the garden, then the shelter was placed in the hole and it was covered with earth".

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When I was very young my Father erected one in our garden. I recall sitting it during night raids with my legs dangling in water. It was lit with a flickering hurricane lamp.

  peter99co 18:07 28 Apr 2010

My legs dangling in water. Had it flooded?

  jack 18:18 28 Apr 2010

Oh yes frequently.
Not withstanding workmen digging a 'sump' near by
Ours was pretty well unusable most of the time in semi rural Kent.

  ronalddonald 18:20 28 Apr 2010

i would contact the council to be on the safeside, i dont know if they are linked any heritage organization ie grade two listed shelter could be possible

  wiz-king 18:24 28 Apr 2010

Our was tin, it stood on a concrete base and it was sunk to about halfway up its hight in a hole dug in the garden and concreted up to ground level with the earth from the hole piled on the roof. Be aware the concrete may need several sticks of dynamite to even make a dent in it!
And, yes it flooded.

  morddwyd 19:59 28 Apr 2010

Yes, they flooded alright!

Didn't make them unusable though. Being up to your waist in water was preferable to being up to your neck, or deeper, in rubble

  Uboat 20:04 28 Apr 2010

THANKYOU guys for all your answers! it is a concrete one & ive just found out that the neighbour has Already started too tear it down? he's not listened to me when i said ask the council first! it looks like its about 30% down already.?
Oh dear...
Thankyou all again

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