In the wrong queue? No mony for parking meter?

  SparkyJack 10:53 08 Aug 2011

tes we have all been there at some yime - though now I find it expedient to keep a bag of coins in the car, And as the wrong queue on Bank /Supermarket and so on- been there too.

How is this for a combination of both.?

My daughter visiting me in Kent from Hertfordshire yesterday arrived an hour adrift. Why? - because the driver of the car in front of her at the Dartford crossing found him/herself at the toll with out any MONEY.

She and two other cars behind her too tight up to divert to other toll points.

What made it worse the matter was dealt with at the toll both- instead of escorting the driver through the barrier to the side to be dealt with.

I blame the French for this - We blame them for many things- but this is appropriate I feel- it is a A French Organization the operates the crossing.

  spuds 11:02 08 Aug 2011

When they close all the high street banks and supermarkets in favour of on-line shopping. Close all the cinemas, theatres and other places of entertainment in favour of pay and view, vehicles used for essential travel only, then all the worlds problems will be solved. Glad that I might not be around when all that happens.

One thing that I do notice, is everyone is trying to blame everyone else?.

  Quickbeam 13:26 08 Aug 2011

If she thinks back to when she took driving lessons, the tutor would have made the point of explaining the reason to not to park so close behind the vehicle in front when in a traffic queue.

I blame the people that pass their test and then think all the things that they were taught to pass their test are immediately unnecessary, use of indicators, lane discipline etc, etc, etc...

  lotvic 13:31 08 Aug 2011

Four members of project team called: Everyone, Someone, Anyone and Noone. They had a very important task to do. Everyone was sure that Someone would do it. Anyone could have done it, but Noone did it in the end. Someone was angry because it was Everyone's job. Everyone thought that Anyone could have done it, but Noone realized that Noone will do it in the end. In the end, Everyone was angry at Someone because Noone did what Anyone could've done.

  DM. 13:59 08 Aug 2011

Got to agree with Quickbeam. I never follow a motorcycle or bunch up to close at the toll boths.

  HondaMan 14:49 08 Aug 2011

She and two other cars behind her too tight up to divert to other toll points. She only has herself to blame. A driver should always leave sufficient space to get out of a situation

  Chegs ®™ 16:42 08 Aug 2011

I was taught "tyres & tarmac" this means leave enough room from the vehicle ahead to be able to see the rear tyres on the road,so that if it broke down/had no money for toll booths etc I could get around it.

  SparkyJack 17:42 08 Aug 2011

Quickbeanm/Honda Man /Chegs

You are all correct................... but have ever used that crossing?

Multiple pay points all delineated in channels first with paint which can be selected on approach but then the channel becomes physical concrete

Once in the only way is forward. Particularly which a line of vehicles behind,

  morddwyd 20:23 08 Aug 2011

"I never follow a motorcycle"

As a biker I don't see the logic behind this.

Could somebody explain?

  Quickbeam 14:57 10 Aug 2011

"Could somebody explain?"

Motorcyclist, middle of January, wrapped up like a mummy, arrive at paybooth, kick side stand down, 2 minutes to straighten up, 10 zips to open with numb fingers, coins dance around in frozen shaking hands, 3 minutes picking coins up from ground with (by now) not quite so numb fingers, pay toll, 10 zips to close back up, only 1 minute to ease back onto bike, ride on...

You must've been there morddwyd, even worse when it's a p stop on a lane!

Some tolls exempt bikes for that reason.

  DM. 15:21 10 Aug 2011


as Quickbeam

Half a dozen cars or more can filter through by the time a motor cyclist finds some money to pay the toll.

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