Wrong kind of weather

  Grey Goo 11:57 09 May 2011

It seems the perennial energy argy-bargy is flaring again. Now one contributing excuse appears to be "Consumers are not consuming enough, so we may have to hike the prices"

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  OTT_B 12:57 09 May 2011

Grey Goo

It's all about supply and demand. Centrica will supply gas and demand as much money as they can.

  OTT_B 12:57 09 May 2011

Grey Goo

It's all about supply and demand. Centrica will supply gas and demand as much money as they can.

  Portal11 13:28 09 May 2011

no jobs available! Tax Tax Tax then every year new ones appear expense of living then the fuel prices food prices energy prices!!

this country is becoming or has become almost in an unacceptable state if your out of work!

We are seriously thinking of moving abroad my wife's uncle is the principle in one of the biggest universitys in the country we may be going to & my wife has a teaching degree so she is guaranteed a job over there whereas he its all red tape & not enough jobs!

Great Britain..Yeah right!

  spuds 14:00 09 May 2011

Its really heart-warming to hear our regulators and watchdogs come out with some fine statements, then do very little to justify their existence in the roles they are suppose to play.

I was watching a television program yesterday, which was discussing commodity brokers and how some farmers are having to be very innovative in negotiating crop prices 3 years ahead. What stocks are being withheld, are there for the 'rainy day' fund!.

But gas and electricity price rises are just becoming a total excuse for greed on the behalf of the suppliers. There is suppose to be competition out there, but you tell me where it is?.

  peter99co 22:47 09 May 2011

It's my fault. Because of the high cost of gas and electric I have reduced how much I use.

I will send a letter to BG explaining this and if they keep putting up the price I will stop altogether and go and live in a tent like Gaddaffi.

If they do listen we may see a small reduction in our bills.

I will let you all know if they give me a reduction.

  lotvic 23:24 09 May 2011

peter99co If you have a garden you could get one of these domestic Wind Turbines and be self-sufficient

  spuds 13:04 10 May 2011


Don't ask for to much, BG did bring its customer call centres back to the UK, as have other utility companies :O)

  lotvic 14:11 10 May 2011

spuds did they bring the staff over as well?

  peter99co 14:14 10 May 2011


I do have a garden and a wind generator. I also use solar panels on the caravan.

I can resort to a Kelly Kettle to do a mashing of tea if I want.

I feel for those who are not so self suffient and have to do without to pay their energy bills.

I will survive because I have been able to cut back energy use.

  OTT_B 14:20 10 May 2011


Perhaps more specifically, we ahve survived because you have cut back on your energy use. But prices will continue to rise. A lot. How much further can you cut back?

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