wrong car

  mrwoowoo 19:00 24 Jun 2008

Ever got in the wrong car?
Myself and the wife pulled up in my blue Mondeo outside the local co-op,one space from being directly outside the door.In front of me was a red car of some description.Upon exiting i jumped into my blue Mondeo to be met with, not my wife but a total stranger in the passenger seat.
Luckily this woman was laughing as she said "i think you want the car behind".
My mum was walking to work one day when a car pulled up beside her.As it was usual for someone to stop and give her a lift,she jumped in.
"Excuse me",said a flabbergasted man."I was just stopping to use the public toilet".
After several appologies he told her not to worry and gave her a lift to work.

  Bingalau 19:08 24 Jun 2008

Yes, my wife and I once decided we would pick up some fish and chips on the way home after a day out. I dropped her off outside the chip shop, and after a couple of minutes decided that I would turn the car around and wait on the opposite side of the road, facing the way we intended to drive home. Another car moved in to the space I had just vacated and the inevitable happened. My wife came out of the shop jumped in the car and it took her a couple of minutes to realise that I was over the road laughing my head off. She wasn't quite as amused as the other driver and I were.

  laurie53 19:51 24 Jun 2008

Never mind the car, my brother-in-law rang his Mum and they had been talking for several minutes before she mentioned a family member he had never heard of and they realised that they were total strangers!

  interzone55 20:36 24 Jun 2008

I borrowed my father-in-law's ivory white Morgan as my wedding car. Not a car you would ever mistake for anything else.

After the ceremony, when the photos had been taken my dad was sitting in the back of a black Bentley. "What are you doing in here?" I ask.
"Oh I'm just chatting to your chauffeur."
"I haven't got a chauffeur, you saw me & Rowena drive here in the white Morgan."
"Oh yeah, so I did"
"Nice memory dad..."

  paddyjack 20:42 24 Jun 2008

I was parked up waiting for my daughter when the boot was opened and a lady proceeded to put her shopping in. I did thank her for the shopping and we had a good laugh.

  [email protected] 21:00 24 Jun 2008

In the 80s a local taxi firm used ladas(red)a lada pulled up where we were waiting and 5 of us jumped in.The 70 yr old driver got the shock of his life as he had only stopped for directions.

  the hick 21:09 24 Jun 2008

Back in the days of Mk 1 Escorts, dark blue ones were fairly common....one dark night in a carpark, I unlocked what I thought was my car, got in, then wondered why the seats had suddenly changed! Not too many key 'differs' then apparently!

  Kemistri 21:39 24 Jun 2008

Clearly, you need to customise that blue Mondeo to make it distinctive! Not sure whether Mrs Woowoo would approve....?

  dagbladet 22:25 24 Jun 2008

About 50 of us lower management were given (loaned) Astra estates recently. The vast majority of which are silver-blue. After leaving the annual conference this afternoon there then followed a right carry on as we all had the same bright idea of clicking the remote and seeing which car's lights flashed. Cue scenes worthy of the next Carry On film.

  mrwoowoo 22:55 24 Jun 2008

Mondeo was a good few years ago.
No chance of it happening now as my present car,a grey import is rather uncommon.

  crosstrainer 07:14 25 Jun 2008

Members of the family, but years ago we were living in Cornwall, and had a large, very friendly Alsatian. He was well trained and obedient, but he had one habit I could never cure him of.

He loved cars, and travelling in them. So much so, that in high summer if we went to one of our favourite hostelries for a drink and a sunbath, people would park car's in the car park and leave the doors open due to the heat.

"Vic" would amble up to the first car he saw, and climb into the passenger seat, tail wagging tongue out waiting to go for a ride. (he seemed to know we were not going anywhere until I picked up the car key's and started packing up the beach gear.

On a couple of occasions, I had to apologise to mothers who had gathered kids, fearing an imminent attack by the 30 kilo softie!

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