Is the writing on the wall - for decking

  wee eddie 20:32 25 Apr 2017

I have just seen an advert in our local Free Press for someone to remove their decking and lay grass!

  bumpkin 20:55 25 Apr 2017

One mans meat.....

  Matt. 21:14 25 Apr 2017

Decking is so last century....

  bumpkin 21:29 25 Apr 2017

Decking is so last century....

York stone paving and Cobble stone driveways could make a revival.

  Aitchbee 11:42 26 Apr 2017

I've just noticed some brand-new wooden decking in a front garden close to where I live. This will provide a level platform for a table and chairs etc which would have otherwise been impossible as the garden terrain is closer to vertical than horizontal. It's very impressive and I'm sure other residents will be wanting something similar.

  wee eddie 12:02 26 Apr 2017

One of the faux Georgian Houses nearby have just paved their Driveway with faux Cobbles. you know, bricks with black tops. It actually looks quite good

  Brumas 14:36 26 Apr 2017

Does this mean we will be seeing a resurgence of the Garden Gnome??

  bremner 16:22 26 Apr 2017


Gnomes are very in at the moment click here

  wee eddie 16:43 26 Apr 2017

I never thought I'd come across an ironic Gnome

  Brumas 17:26 26 Apr 2017

bremner, by heck!! I didn't realise there was such a gnomous market for them ;o}}

  Matt. 18:29 26 Apr 2017

Someone near me has just had some stone cladding installed!

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