Wow! The site is flying today!

  Flak999 15:50 08 Dec 2017

Whats happened? After months of a five second lag in page loading times, today the site is refreshing almost instantaneously! Has somebody pressed the boost switch?

  qwbos 16:27 08 Dec 2017

Ok it's flying, but I bet you're missing the adverts. ;

  Old Deuteronomy 17:32 08 Dec 2017

Still got the slow version here.

  Govan1x 18:27 08 Dec 2017

Still got the slow version here as well.

  VCR97 18:47 08 Dec 2017

Slow here, too.

  Flak999 18:56 08 Dec 2017

Well I don't know how it can be just me, I use Adblock and Flashblock same as I always have. Also use Ghostery which has just been updated, maybe it's that?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:11 08 Dec 2017

Been OK for me for weeks (other than Kaspersy doesn't like the license) not noticed any difference today.

  Forum Editor 20:12 08 Dec 2017

"Also use Ghostery which has just been updated, maybe it's that?"

I don't know. I've never got to grips with why some people say the site is slow, because it always zips along for me. I know everyone will think 'well, he would say that' but it's true.

  VCR97 18:40 09 Dec 2017


It isn't Ghostery. I have Ghostery but for weeks I have had a six-second wait between pages.

  Govan1x 23:08 10 Dec 2017

Now got a bit fed up with The latest version of Firefox taking ages to open pages on PCA.

So just tried running with add on's switched off and Firefox is lightning quick again.

Not found out which add on is causing it yet but will have a good look in the morning.

So if this site is slow and you use Firefox. The problem is one of your add ons.

  Govan1x 08:31 11 Dec 2017

Tried checking to see what add on was causing the problem but turning them off one at a time made no difference.

Did a refresh and no difference. downloaded the same version and got this site has not got a valid security whatever and would not open.

So ended up deleting Firefox using Revo. and deleting any Firefox icons left behind including Firefox maintenance.

Rebooted and went into safe mode with internet and ran firefox again from my downloads.

This time all was ok security was fine and Firefox is running a lot quicker.

So back to normal mode and all is still fine.

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