Would you urinate in a bin?

  WhiteTruckMan 09:49 22 Mar 2010

I'm prompted by this article:

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Initially, I thought it a pretty stupid idea. But then I thought about it some more. I recall seeing on some of these numerous fly on the wall tv shows about the police the cops tackling late night town centre drunks, with all that it implies. One of the problems they were faced with was people urinating all over the place, and the police's rather scathing contempt for people who do so. They were also saying how much it cost the councils to clean things up etc etc..

I remember thinking 'hang on a mo, these are the same councils who have closed public toilets en masse. At one time they were all over the place, but how often do you see a free to use toilet these days? They are virtually non existant outside of high profile tourist areas.

As for the people who though up this wheeze. Well I'm not sure where they keep their brains (when people start getting arrested for exposure) but their heart seems to be in the right place. Perhaps they can be installed in cheap steel edifices. Maybe with some modification for female use.


  jack 10:29 22 Mar 2010

Now there is a thought WTM
As the prime cause of all this is the breweries and their outlets-
How about making them with the cooperation of the local councils finance suitable structures.
I could be embodied into the terms of granting alcohol licences to pubs and bars etc.

  sunnystaines 10:44 22 Mar 2010

ideal for pervs standing as far out as possible to use to insult passing females

  birdface 10:45 22 Mar 2010

It has been covered before.
Being a driver you know what it's like trying to find a Toilet.
Especially if you are delivering in central London.
It is a bit of a nightmare.
You stop in the services just outside london on The M1 and with a bit of luck you might make it back to the Services in time.

  Cymro. 10:58 22 Mar 2010

It`s got to be better than what we have now, well a little better anyway. The stink when walking down some of our high streets on a weekend morning verifies the need for something to be done.

I rather like the idea posted by jack above of having the brewers and pubs take on the problem. After all it should be as they say the polluter who pays.

  wiz-king 11:24 22 Mar 2010

I can remember - in the good old days - most pubs had an outside loo that was left open 24/7 and most London boroughs had some holes in the pavements with working lights!

  Cymro. 11:41 22 Mar 2010

"most pubs had an outside loo that was left open 24/7 and most London boroughs had some holes in the pavements with working lights!"

I can remember the outside loos but what are these holes in the road and the lights?

  robgf 11:55 22 Mar 2010

That sorts out the men, but what about the women. Dont they realise that women just squat and go nowadays.
But if the public loos didn't close at 5.30pm, there wouldn't be a problem.

  Quickbeam 13:15 22 Mar 2010

There can't be many blokes that can honestly say they've never used them at one time or another;)

  Quickbeam 13:28 22 Mar 2010

Way back in the youthful past I hasten to add...

  wiz-king 14:21 22 Mar 2010

Full of people in cardboard boxes!

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