Would you pay £34.00/Kg for a sheet of plastic?

  caccy 17:44 07 Nov 2018

This must be the most profitable item sold in shops.

I suddenly realized that this is what I was paying when I bought a piece of fish in a local supermarket and a very thin sheet of plastic was put on the scales the fish placed on top of it weighed then priced.

When I pointed this out to the shop assistant he said that "it didn't weigh anything"! I suspect this item that weighs "nothing" is purchased by the ton.

A very nice profit is made thank you.

  Quickbeam 06:41 09 Nov 2018

That reminds me of when about 30 years ago I ordered the trout in a restaurant in the Lakes, then there was a family that arrived on the next table in which the young boy asked for the fish (battered cod) & chips. When my trout arrived, grilled with head and tail, I heard the small boy whisper, Daddy I don't want the fish now...

  HondaMan 10:08 09 Nov 2018

Some years back when "Can't `Cook, Won't Cook" was on television, one of their professional cooks admitted that MOST of their meat was too under-cooked to be eaten safely and was only done like that to fit in with the timings on live T.V. For similar, telegenic reasons, they did not wear hats as they were legally obliged to do!

TV has a lot to answer for.

  BT 18:00 09 Nov 2018

one of their professional cooks admitted that MOST of their meat was too under-cooked to be eaten safely

Didn't I hear a few days ago a quote by some organisation that most meat should not be eaten undercooked. This includes things like Duck which most of the TV Chefs seem to serve virtually raw.

  Quickbeam 18:47 09 Nov 2018

I'll eat anything, well just about anything... But with game birds, I now do them in a slow cooker until very tender. I don't do rare/raw!

  wee eddie 19:37 09 Nov 2018

Don't eat undercooked pork 》 Triconella. And farmed fish 》 sea lice. Chicken 》 Salmonella. Most everything else is not dangerous if lightly cooked.

  qwbos 21:28 09 Nov 2018

wee eddie

I'm interested in your comment re farmed fish and sea lice. Are you suggesting that there are sea lice in prepared farmed salmon? If so, it's something I've not heard of before and would be interested to read any references.

I'm very familiar with sea lice having encountered them frequently when fishing for sea trout, most of which carried sea lice if they were clean in from the sea, though never in the numbers seen on farmed fish.

I'm not a great fan of farmed salmon. Despite all the assurances, it's extremely damaging to the environment. It's caused unrecoverable damage to wild stocks, particularly in areas where smolt populations migrating to the open sea have to run the gauntlet of areas densely populated with sea lice due to the presence of salmon cages. And if you've ever tasted the real thing, you'll know it's nothing like as good. The only plus is it took pressure of severely depleted wild stocks.

  caccy 15:51 10 Nov 2018


You have explained very clearly why we choose wild salmon.

Thanks all for your comments.

Will close topic now.

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