Would you pay £34.00/Kg for a sheet of plastic?

  caccy 17:44 07 Nov 2018

This must be the most profitable item sold in shops.

I suddenly realized that this is what I was paying when I bought a piece of fish in a local supermarket and a very thin sheet of plastic was put on the scales the fish placed on top of it weighed then priced.

When I pointed this out to the shop assistant he said that "it didn't weigh anything"! I suspect this item that weighs "nothing" is purchased by the ton.

A very nice profit is made thank you.

  wee eddie 23:28 07 Nov 2018

Warlord, meat without fat is almost flavourless. Pork without fat to give it texture is horrible.

  bumpkin 23:32 07 Nov 2018

I have the answer, take your own sheet of plastic, get them to TARE the scales and then add the fish.

  Quickbeam 06:39 08 Nov 2018

Salmon at Morrison's is about a fiver a kilo, is the line caught salmon considerably tastier, or an elite blag?

  Quickbeam 06:42 08 Nov 2018

I often buy trout and would agree that a river caught one is marginally tastier than a farmed one, but not enough to pay 6 times more for it.

  john bunyan 07:43 08 Nov 2018

I occasionally fish for Rainbow trout in a local lake. Example of price is £35 for 3 fish. With luck the gross weight is about 7.5 Kg for 3, so after gutting etc, maybe a nett cost of £9 per Kg. That does not include my car cost, depreciation on fishing tackle, a couple of artificial flies nor my time!! All in jest of course but a different angle (!) on the issue.

  Quickbeam 08:03 08 Nov 2018

Do you get free plastic sheets with them?

  john bunyan 08:27 08 Nov 2018

No, I take an old plastic carrier bag of my own.

  BT 08:34 08 Nov 2018

Pork without fat to give it texture is horrible.

OK you need a bit of fat but what makes me gag is when you see the fat still white and basically uncooked especially when TV 'Chefs' cook it. I like the pork fat cooked till it starts to render and loses the raw look, even better if its a bit crispy. I saw lamb chops on TV the other day with white uncooked fat and red raw inside. I don't mind it a bit pink but still raw NOT! Can't understand the trend to eat meat almost raw these days after all cavemen discovered that it was much nicer cooked.

  BT 08:45 08 Nov 2018

Most electronic Scales are only accurate to + or- 5 grams

I'm pretty sure that commercial/retail scales need to be much more accurate than that and have to be tested and calibrated. I know when I worked that the scales used for Average Weight recording of our production were Laboratory type and very accurate.

Even my Kitchen Digital scales read to 1 gm. I'm not sure of their accuracy as obviously they aren't calibrated but they are reproduceable.

  Forum Editor 16:53 08 Nov 2018

john bunyan

I also fly fish for my own lake trout.

My lake charges me £20 for the day, which includes two fish. They taste great, and I've had a very relaxing day. Even factoring in all my costs it's excellent value for a peaceful day out.

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