Would you pay £21 for a loaf?

  Quickbeam 09:02 09 Jun 2010

click here

Oh, it will be tasty, different and unusual as well as expensive, but I can make my own, my original trade is baker/confectioner.

  michaelw 09:10 09 Jun 2010

How I miss real bread. When we were kids my dad used to get a cottage loaf on Saturday which was still warm an hour later and it tasted like heaven.

The stuff you get in supermarkets is rubbish. Even Greggs isn't considered real bread. Unfortunately we haven't got a real bread establishment in our area click here

  morddwyd 09:52 09 Jun 2010

Glad to say I don't particularly like bread made with spelt flour so I won't be tempted.

  Bingalau 10:26 09 Jun 2010

"No" Blimey I can remember when a loaf cost 4 pence in old money, that gave 60 loaves to a pound in old money. My mum will be turning over in her grave now at the present prices, never mind this.

  birdface 10:33 09 Jun 2010

My mother in law used to bake her own Irish bread using buttermilk etc and it was delicious.
We used to stand around like vultures waiting for it to come out of the oven.
She used to say wait till it cools down.
But she was wasting her breath it never lasted long.
As for 'It took me six months to get the recipe right'
She had a lifetime of experience.
I wish she was still around not just for her bread but because she was a great Mother in law.

  Mr Mistoffelees 10:36 09 Jun 2010

We are really lucky to have a good baker less than a minute walk from home. The sunflower loaf is especially nice!

  babybell 10:47 09 Jun 2010

the comments posted at the bottom of that article

"What a con, its just daylight robbery"

I must have missed the picture of him with his gun forcing people to buy it!

At the end of the day, if you want to try a loaf of it, then thats up to you, I'm perfectly happy to stick with my Hovis.

  Þ² 11:03 09 Jun 2010

I'd try it once. Couldn't afford it a second time.

£20 for cheese? where and what kind?

He doesn't say how much of it, I get my favourite cheese from M&S and it certainly doesn't cost twenty quid.

  Quickbeam 11:30 09 Jun 2010

If a cheese sandwich is to cost £41 pounds, I can't afford to put any pickle on it!

  Grey Goo 11:53 09 Jun 2010

It's obviously making him a lot of dough.

  Snec 12:05 09 Jun 2010

We are lucky here in Crich. We have place called The Loaf. It's a five minute walk for me. click here for the bread page. There is actually a much greater selection than is shown on their site. They will also make bread to your own recipe. None of it is cheap, mind. Not £20 though ;O)

They also make the best scones in the world but my favourites are Cheese Logs which the wife will only let me eat two every other day. She does worry about my health.

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