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Would you like to live as long as these two?

  Cymro. 11:15 29 Mar 2019

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Britain's two oldest men are marking their 111th birthdays. Alf Smith, from St Madoes, Perthshire, and Bob Weighton, from Alton, Hampshire, were both born on 29 March 1908. Personally and with a reasonable standard of health I would love to live as long as these two.

  Forum Editor 18:45 30 Mar 2019


The thought of me moderating the forum from a specially adapted Zimmer frame isn't a very attractive one, and I am pretty sure that by the time I was 111 years old my mind would certainly be going, if not gone completely.

No, I'm certain that I do not want to live that long... but I'm not ready to go yet.

  Quickbeam 19:01 30 Mar 2019

I might still be here to argue the benefits/failings of Brexit...

  x13 19:05 30 Mar 2019

No, I'm certain that I do not want to live that long... but I'm not ready to go yet.

I might still be here to argue the benefits/failings of Brexit...

Great answers that made me smile.

  Forum Editor 17:46 31 Mar 2019

KEITH 1955

"I feel sorry for the generations below me , the world in general seems so screwed up they don't seem to have much to look forward to."

That is a view that has been expressed by successive older generations for hundreds of years. It's human nature to look back through rose-tinted spectacles and think that the world was a better place in the past, but of course it wasn't. Just read some of the Charles Dickens novels, and you'll realise what things were like for millions of people back then. Two World wars in fairly rapid succession left our country in a desperate state in many ways, and I doubt that many of the families who lost loved ones in either of the wars would think there was anything good about those times. There are two generations alive today who have little or no knowledge of what it was like, and they probably never will. Our world is an infinitely better place in a huge number of ways, and our children will see an ever-increasing rate of change for the better as they age.

It will not be all good, that's for sure, but compared to the world of sixty or seventy years ago it will seem wonderful. I'll be quite content to go when my time is up, as long as it's not up for a long time yet.

  Aitchbee 12:29 01 Apr 2019

On a personal note, 5 years ago I opted to receive an 'instant' increase of about 15% in my Work's Pension but with no more yearly increases in future ... I'll be kicking myself if I do manage to live to the ripe old age of 111. {TIC}

  Devil Fish 23:27 21 Apr 2019

111 dam i am shocked i made it past 50 but good luck to them if they are in good health good luck to them.

Doubt i will even get close a the follies of my youth are catching up with me.After all we were all invisible when we were younger or is that just me lol

  Aitchbee 23:45 21 Apr 2019

Devil Fish, ever since I've used an official walking-stick my 'visibility index' has ratcheted up a few notches rather than go down, especially at bus-stops; furthermore, extra bonus points can be accrued when people vacate their seats for this old codger. Life is good ;o]

  Devil Fish 00:45 22 Apr 2019

@Aitcbee That explains why i made it past 50 was brought up on old money.Daily commute always give up seat for those that need it more than i do, Seem to spend a lot of time standing but must have scored some brownie points up stairs ;o]

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