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Would you like to live as long as these two?

  Cymro. 11:15 29 Mar 2019

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Britain's two oldest men are marking their 111th birthdays. Alf Smith, from St Madoes, Perthshire, and Bob Weighton, from Alton, Hampshire, were both born on 29 March 1908. Personally and with a reasonable standard of health I would love to live as long as these two.

  Aitchbee 11:51 29 Mar 2019

Another famous 111th birthday.

click here

  HondaMan 13:44 29 Mar 2019

Nothing to respond to!!

  Quickbeam 15:03 29 Mar 2019

HB: Pronounced as eleventy first birthday in the Shire...

  Al94 17:23 29 Mar 2019

The way the world is going and how I feel in my late 60's - No!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:05 29 Mar 2019


  canarieslover 22:13 29 Mar 2019

All depends on health and fitness. How I shall be in another 35 years is impossible to predict but I do have a couple of antecedents who have reached the 100 mark. Only time will tell.

  wee eddie 22:52 29 Mar 2019

If I wake up tomorrow, I shall be happy. If I don't, who knows!

  Jamie_Langer 03:38 30 Mar 2019

As far as life let's me live with good health, that's my limit.

  Forum Editor 13:55 30 Mar 2019

No, I wouldn't.

  x13 16:33 30 Mar 2019

No, I wouldn't.

If you were that age, FE, and your mind was still as sharp as when you were sixty, had a laptop tied to your zimmer frame with a mouse pad constructed to it, you would certainly be still moderating this site.

On the other hand if the mind goes then I would certainly agree with you.

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