Would you eat dog meat and if no then why?

  Cymro. 12:29 07 Aug 2018

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UK law says that you can't buy or sell dog meat, but if you humanely kill a dog you own, you can eat it. But there have been calls to make it illegal So would you ever eat dog meat? Personally I don't see why not and I am certainly against any ban on eating dog.

  bumpkin 12:47 07 Aug 2018

It would save a trip to the supermarket when it is raining cats and dogs I suppose.

  wee eddie 12:55 07 Aug 2018

Eating of pets is frowned upon in Western Society. I can relate to that.

When we were kids, in the early 50's, my sister and I had a pet pig, a sow named Canasta. In the locality was a pig's Saddle and Bridle, which was passed from farm to farm, as each generation became a suitable age (5 to 8yo), and we both rode Canasta in the field, she even did jumps. Those were probably more in our mind than actuality, she stepped over poles laid on the ground.

When Canasta became too old to farrow (bear piglets), she was taken to the Butchers and my sister and I were distraught. My parents, having explained the facts of a pig's life, told us that sausages and bacon that returned were from another pig. The better cuts were then sold by the butcher and we bought another sow.

Eating dog is no different

  oresome 13:31 07 Aug 2018

I must admit I've misread both this post and previous articles in the press.

On a quick flick through the newspapers I thought they were referring to a ban on eating pet food and didn't delve any further!

I wouldn't eat dog unless I was desperate, but I suppose it's a cultural thing.

  john bunyan 13:59 07 Aug 2018

When in the military I ran a combat survival course. On day one we had stances demonstrating traps, snares etc . From a “knackers yard “ I obtained an Alsatian pelt and hid it under a bush , next to which we had a small goat carcasses on a spit over a fire. After the lads had eaten some we told them to find the pelt for a warm “blanket “. To this day I suspect some thought they had eaten dog.

Dogs are relished in Korea and parts of China; horse meat is popular in France. I suppose it is a cultural thing. I would not choose it but when desperate logic goes out of tha window

  bumpkin 14:01 07 Aug 2018

Hot dogs are OK.

  Pine Man 15:03 07 Aug 2018

Why should dogs be treated differently from other 'edible' animals?

  Quickbeam 16:29 07 Aug 2018

"Why should dogs be treated differently from other 'edible' animals?"

That's one step away from endorsing cannibalism!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:07 07 Aug 2018

Just because we won't doesn't mean we can't.

To feed the world's growing population more of us are going to have to eat insects, which to some people wold be worse than dog.

  Quickbeam 18:15 07 Aug 2018

Or we can tackle the last great taboo, population control...

  Forum Editor 18:29 07 Aug 2018

I think I have eaten dog meat - in China.

I couldn't be sure, but I'm fairly certain I had it during one of my early visits. It tasted good, and to be honest, it's no different to eating any other four-footed animal in terms of morality.

Why would it be?

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