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Would you describe this as inactive?

  oresome 13:28 04 Jul 2019

I was a bit miffed that on a recent health check, the nurse described me as inactive presumably because I don't partake in any sport.

This year I've replaced the flooring in the lounge, dining room and hallway with laminate flooring. Fitted a heated towel rail in the downstairs loo. Fitted a new kitchen sink and tap and a water pump to boost the flow. Fitted new blinds, curtains and poles. Minor decorating jobs in both our and my daughters home. Repointed the gable verge on the garage roof and repaired broken paving slabs at my daughters house.

These tasks inevitably produce waste that has to packed into the car and transported to the council tip.

Every day tasks like car washing, window cleaning and grass and hedge cutting go without saying.

  canarieslover 14:15 04 Jul 2019

And you don't have time for a quick run round the block? For many people, especially home owners, retirement is often the busiest time of their lives, it's just that what we do doesn't tick boxes.

  Haddince 15:21 04 Jul 2019

If activity is limited to the gym or sports, then you're inactive on a technicality. But no, I wouldn't say that that is inactive. What you're doing is what people in so-called "blue zones" also do, and we can assume that they're the healthiest among us.

  oresome 19:03 04 Jul 2019

The guidelines you link to don't cover my age which is 70 plus.

  wee eddie 19:11 04 Jul 2019

Just think 65.

  Forum Editor 19:19 04 Jul 2019

Medical professionals tend to judge 'activity'on the basis of its cardio-vascular effect, as WhirlingRound has indicated. In old age, the 'golden' activity is walking. Fitting new sinks, laying floors, and putting up curtain rails don't tick the box from the cardio-vascular point of view.

That's probably what the nurse was getting at.

  oresome 19:20 04 Jul 2019

Apologies, I now see there is a link to my age range.

  Quickbeam 19:42 04 Jul 2019

Does gardening count?

That can have you working up into a sweat along deep breathing.

  oresome 20:40 04 Jul 2019

I think the wife's right...…..I spend far too much time on the computer.

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