Would you call the FIre Brigade

  bremner 14:48 13 Dec 2008

or simply switch the boiler off and call a plumber? click here

  tullie 14:52 13 Dec 2008

Boiler off,but no chance of getting a plumber at night.

  Pamy 14:56 13 Dec 2008

I would have done the same, I have no idea how to actually turn the boiler off ( yes I know that sounds daft), but there is not a button or nob to push or turn. I suppose I would have to turn off the house electric supply and the main gas tap at the meter.

  Legolas 14:57 13 Dec 2008

Well the Fire Brigade spokesperson backed her actions so I think she done the right thing. She was following the Fire Brigades own advice. The Tory MP is just trying to score cheap points. Had the boiler exploded she would have been criticized for not getting her children and herself to safety. If my boiler was sparking, shaking and making loud noises I would be out of there pronto.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:07 13 Dec 2008

She was scared that the boiler was going to explode and with 2 children in the house, she absolutely did the right thing.


  johndrew 15:18 13 Dec 2008

Whilst I agree she needed help because of her ignorance, I believe that everyone should know how to operate home appliances safely. It takes little technical knowledge to ensure you know how to operate a domestic central heating boiler in accordance with the instructions provided with it.

If the instructions have not been left by the installer, then it is not beyond the wit of man (or woman) to either download a copy or ask the CORGI registered person who carries out the annual service (it is wise to have one) to demonstrate the procedure.

In the event the boiler failed as a result of not being serviced, perhaps she should be told a few home truths to protect her children.

  The Brigadier 15:24 13 Dec 2008

The situation would have been worse if she left it & it had exploded.
She did the right thing as the LFB have stated.

  Pamy 15:26 13 Dec 2008

johndrew, When my fully automatic boiler is running, I have no idea how to stop it, other than how I have said. No instructions are given or printed fr such an emergency.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:45 13 Dec 2008

"Firefighters fixed the problem"

Are the cheaper than plumbers?
Certainly much faster.


  Forum Editor 10:31 14 Dec 2008

and I'm surprised that anyone thinks otherwise.

  Forum Editor 10:34 14 Dec 2008

The quick way to stop any modern boiler in its tracks is to switch off its power supply - it should be supplied from its own 13Amp power socket - just flick the switch and the boiler will stop what it's doing. There's no danger associated with that course of action, and when you turn the power on again the boiler will resume. You'll have to adjust the time clock, because that will have stopped with the boiler.

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